The Hague - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Most children attend the British or American School. I have heard wonderful things. The children I know seem very happy at ASH and the ASH community is really great and welcoming. - Feb 2021

Lots of options. We had a good experience with the American School and our child liked it and made it into a good college. - Jan 2019

Our son goes to BSN and we love it. Most kids go to the American School but the waiting list can be more than a year long, which is something the Embassy doesn't usually disclose. The British school is a great option and there is also the International school of The Hague as well. - Feb 2015

The American International School is well-respected and in our experience is comparable to a good quality private school in the U.S. Full-tuition students from oil company families, IKEA, and other multi-nationals and governments keep the school well-funded. - Jun 2014

All sorts. British, American, French, German. - Apr 2014

ASH, the American School of The Hague is really great. The kids really like it, and are getting a strong academic education. - Jul 2011

American School of The Hague (ASH) is considered one of the best in Europe and it better be considering it is USD 28k per student per school year. They offer pre-k through 12th grade and the campus is located in north Wassenaar My kids attend ASH and love it - we find that they challenge the children completely. The British school has several campuses throughout The Hague. - Nov 2010

American School in the Hague ASH. I have no experience with the school. - Jul 2010

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