The Hague - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

If you have seasonal allergies, prepare for spring. While it is absolutely lovely come spring, the pollen can be crazy. Bring antihistamine. Medical care is quite good. You may experience some language barriers, but you can work through them. One thing that some people struggle with is a physician’s hesitation towards antibiotics. - Feb 2021

None. - Jan 2019

Good if you are assertive. Don't let them tell you to take paracetamol and go home. If you're sick make them help you. They WILl, begrudgingly. Bronovo hospital knows the drill with expats and it's not too much of a challenge with them. Also, doctors make housecalls! - Feb 2015

"Take (2) paracetamol and visit your huisarts in 5 days." Overall, the Dutch are very low intervention when compared to the U.S. Western quality care is available. - Jun 2014

None. Health care is quite good although the Dutch do not dispense medicine as freely as in the U.S. It can be difficult to get simple things like cough syrup or decongestants as they prefer herbal remedies. - Apr 2014

Very good medical care.the Dutch can be slow on prescribing drugs, but i have not ha an issue. - Jul 2011

I would say the healthcare is not as great as everyone would think it to be. The Dutch have a social healthcare system where the use of referals is huge. They tend to not medicate what Americans do, and that is frustrating, especially for families with children. The Dutch tend to let ailments run their course or let them get worse until they are more or less forced to medicate. They do not believe in preventative medicine or testing. There are neighborhood doctors called Huisharts or House Doctors and they are a notch below a GP.You have to be registered to use them. - Nov 2010

Good health care, but very holistic. It is hard to get medicine. - Jul 2010

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