The Hague - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

The Dutch run off of bank PIN. This has been nice during corona because contactless payment is widely accepted everywhere including local markets. Some places do accept credit cards, but it’s better to ask instead of expecting it. ATMs are widely used and safe. - Feb 2021

Yes. - Jan 2019

You have to have a Dutch bank account to get anything done and it takes a bit of time. Always have cash because before you get your Dutch ATM card with the chip and PIN it's the only way you can pay. Even U.S. credit cards with chip and PIN are not accepted in most stores. - Feb 2015

The Dutch primarily use a PIN (debit card) system. Your U.S. cards will work at major tourist areas but in general, if you have to swipe it, they won't accept it. You'll need a credit card that includes a gold foil chip and requires a PIN number. We maintain a local bank account for general use. - Jun 2014

Not a problem. - Apr 2014

No issues. As safe as the USA - Jul 2011

This is a joke - The number of places that accept US Credit/Debit cards is slim. Major hotels and maybe major restaurants. Even in the major train stations they do not accept US credit/debit cards. Typically you have to hit an ATM which will take such cards, withdraw the cash and pay for your expenses. Major ATM's include ABN and ING. - They charge up to USD 5 per transaction. - Nov 2010

Credit cards are accepted. - Jul 2010

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