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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

It is available and can be installed within the week depending on the number of other clients requesting service. Reasonable costs and fast enough to stream video and work from home, ie. videoconferences, reliably. - Aug 2023

Yes. The internet is generally very good. - Jan 2023

"High-speed" internet has just been installed in a couple homes. It is not available to everyone yet. My husband arrived before me, so I can't say how long it took to install. Since we have have fiber optic internet installed, we have gone from 10 MB download to 30 MB download. Each has been sufficient for Netflix. Upload has gone from 3 MB to over 10 MB, which has improved the functionality of Skype tremendously. - Sep 2018

Post has been good about having Internet ready on arrival. It's fast enough to stream videos and make video calls. Can be erratic in speed, though. - Dec 2017

Internet is available through CV Telecom, but it could definitely be improved. Download speeds are generally fine, but upload speeds (what you need to Skype, upload files, etc) are so slow. We've had technicians come out to the house several times. Manage your expectations. Overall, it's fine. - Oct 2016

Yes. It is pretty good. The internet/cable bill is US$95 per month. - May 2014

High-speed internet is available at about the same cost as in the States. The only problem is that you receive an allotment of bandwidth (maximum 15Gigs per month) which runs out quickly if you are downloading or viewing videos. The overage charges are outrageously expensive and compound quickly. The internet (like electricity) can be unreliable and go out without any warning. - Feb 2011

Yes! Thank goodness! ADSL here supports Skype video and streaming video, if you can believe it. A 10GB package costs about 30 bucks a month. - Sep 2012

Available and affordable, as long as you don't go over your allotted usage. Plans are available. - May 2012

Internet is available but is exclusively dial-up and quite slow. However, I was able to make calls back to the US using Skype. Cost is high especially considering the slow speed. - Feb 2008


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