Praia - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

YES - I was shocked by how many insects and pests there are here, given that it's a desert island. Ants and cockroaches are a huge problem. The flies are relentless in the short rainy season. There are also mice and rats. - Feb 2024

Ants are common problems. Besides that, really depends on the house. Apartments seem to have fewer problems. - Aug 2023

Nothing out of the ordinary. Mosquitos are around at night especially if you have standing water on your property, but it's never that bad. I haven't ever used mosquito spray. Ants can be a problem. - Jan 2023

We have ants and cockroaches. Pest control keeps them at bay. - Sep 2018

It's the tropics: ants and cockroaches are not unusual. But it's also very dry here, so there's not much to worry about. Houseflies get really annoying in the rainy season, but they don't bite. - Dec 2017

The major issues have to do mostly with ants and cockroaches. When we first moved in the ant problem was terrible getting into our foodstuffs and all over our sink but with ant baits and spray they are now under control. Overall, pretty minor. Some houses also have problems with small mice. - Oct 2016

After the rain there are a lot of flies. They will get into your house and it will be difficult to eat outside. This will last for 1 to 2 months. It is not bad. There is not a "bug problem" here. No dengue. An occasional roach. - May 2014

There are mosquitoes, but malaria is not a major problem. There are less than 100 incidents per year, and we are not entirely sure if they are local cases or if they arrive from other places in W. Africa. Dengue outbreaks are a problem during the rainy season. Ants can be a problem in homes, but they are easily treated. And flies are quite a nuisance in the summer. - Feb 2011

Not too many. Some roaches, ants and critters in the houses. Mosquitoes and flying bugs in the rainy season. Bring bug spray, but it's not that bad. - Sep 2012

Flies, mosquitoes and roaches. We have found them to be more of a nuisance, but others have had serious problems. - May 2012

None. - Sep 2009

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