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What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Usually relatively informal for warm weather, but people dress up for formal occasions. Women's jumpsuit game especially on point. Cabo Verdeans, of all ages, are extremely stylish. - Aug 2023

Formal dress is required at fancy events. However, generally casual/island style. Publicly many people wear shorts. - Jan 2023

We are on an island, so the dress code is all over the place. It is mostly business casual. For women, dresses, skirts, pants, capris. For men, dress pants and a button down shirt. Men rarely wear ties to work unless there is an event. At nice events, I have seen people in jeans and even shorts! It's really all over the place. We don't have Marines, so no formal ball each year. There are times when we can get more dressed up, but it's never formal. - Sep 2018

Business casual most days at work. It's hot and sunny here year round, but Cabo Verdeans dress pretty well so there are times you need to wear a jacket and tie and just hope the sweat doesn't soak through. It's particularly hot and humid from July - October, during the brief rainy season. - Dec 2017

At work, it's business casual unless you're in a formal meeting. In public spaces it's pretty casual. You will see lots of people walking around in workout wear, sweats, shorts and tank tops running their errands. - Oct 2016

Dress casual in the workplace. Shorts/jeans are acceptable in public. - May 2014

Western casual - Sep 2012

Tropical. It's always hot. - May 2012

Business casual, business. Weekend errands are more relaxed. - Feb 2008

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