Praia - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. Most buildings do not have elevators, and sidewalks are infrequent and not well designed. - Feb 2024

Yes, although the government leaders say all the right things and are trying to slowly invest in better public infrastructure. The main difficulty is the lack of elevators, including in the U.S. Embassy. - Aug 2023

Yes. Elevators are uncommon. - Jan 2023

Wheelchair accessibility is unheard of, even at the embassy. The 2 buildings are old and only have stairs. - Sep 2018

Yes. There are sidewalks, but not always in great shape. Even the embassy lacks an elevator. - Dec 2017

Yes. The cobblestone streets and relatively poor building infrastructure would make it difficult for those with wheelchairs, for example. - Oct 2016

Yes. It would be impossible to live here if you were disabled. - May 2014

The roads are all cobblestone, so it would be difficult to have a wheelchair. There are no handicapped-accessible buildings as far as I can tell. - Feb 2011

Impossible. Forget it. Cobblestone streets, lots of rickety staircases, no elevator in the Embassy, no sidewalks in many neighborhoods, and where there are sidewalks they often have random gaping holes with rebar sticking out. - Sep 2012

A lot. - May 2012

YES! Most roads are extremely poor. There are no sidewalks. Taxis can be hailed from the roadside, but getting to the road with a mobility disability would likely be very difficult. - Sep 2009

Many: Streets and most of the sidewalks (if the exist at all) are cobblestone. Only one or two buildings in town have elevators. - Feb 2008

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