What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

Bring lots of allergy medicine. - May 2019

There are all sorts of plants (you're in the jungle, literally) and mold. Nut and shellfish allergies would be challenging, since these are in everything, but you could definitely be gluten and dairy-free here! - Mar 2019

The air is normally fine. Food allergy sufferers must be careful when ordering food locally as it's not always clear if there's been cross contamination of ingredients. Our son has a tree nut allergy and has had reactions to food where tree nuts were not listed in the ingredients. - Sep 2018

I had only mild seasonal allergies and don't have food allergies, but I think this would be a difficult place to come with a particular food allergy. Waitstaff, even at foreigner-oriented restaurants, may be attentive but lacking in the English skills and familiarization with allergy issues to reliably communicate special requests to the kitchen. - Mar 2017

There can be mold issues in the single-family homes so think about that for housing. - Feb 2017

Bring plenty of meds - May 2016

Sorry, I don't know about seasonal allergies, but peanut oil is used in a lot of dishes. - May 2016

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