What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

There are lots of volunteer opportunities here. Orphanages, senior centers, animal shelters, NGOs, and many other organizations are always looking for assistance. - May 2019

Lots of opportunities to help local groups, although you have to look for them. Be wary of volunteering with "orphanages". The UN warns against this, as it's creating a cottage industry of "orphans" to attract international visitors/donors and can be very exploitative. - Mar 2019

Many. Myanmar consistently ranks number one in the world in terms of volunteer work. There are a number of volunteer opportunities as local orphanages and animal shelters. - Sep 2018

There's such a need in Myanmar for so many things but volunteer opportunities are not well-organized. Instead the potential volunteer needs to find the organizations and offer what they can to them. - Feb 2017

Many. - Oct 2016

Plenty - May 2016

Yes. - May 2016

Plenty! - May 2016

Teaching English, donating rice and school supplies, making infant kits for maternity hospitals; there are so many opportunities if you are willing to work for free. It's so rewarding here. - Apr 2014

Walk up to any local school, orphanage and you can find something. Many of my friends tutor monks or local staff (custodians etc) in English. Speaking English is a great asset for the local population. Also many NGOs here that can facilitate or give ideas. - Feb 2014

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