Do you recommend any books or movies about this city/country for those who are interested in learning more?

No. - May 2019

The Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown about Myanmar is an awesome introduction and will get you excited about moving here. Also, Burma Chronicles is a wonderful and quick graphic novel about being an expat here (potentially good for kids, too). There are a LOT of great books about Burma, such as The Glass Palace, Ms. Burma, The Narrow Road to the Deep North (helps understand the WWII experience, which as an American I wasn't really aware of), and the writings of Thant Myint U and Aung San Su Kyi. You could spend your whole tour just reading books about this country. - Mar 2019

Anthony Bourdain's show, "Parts Unknown," did an episode here in 2011, right when the country was opening up. Some of the city has changed, but not a lot; it's probably still a good starting point. The British version of "Top Gear" also did a Christmas special here in 2012 or 2013, which involved them driving overland from Rangoon to Naypyitaw into Shan State and across the border into Thailand; this is worth watching, too, for a look at the country. "Burma/Myanmar: What Everyone Needs to Know," by David Steinberg, is a good overview of the country's history. - Mar 2017

The Lady
River of Lost Footsteps
Burma Chronicles
Letters to Burma
Burmese Days - Feb 2017

"Land of the Green Ghosts" and "River of Lost Footsteps." - Oct 2016

"The River of Lost Footsteps" by Thant Myint-U - May 2016

Any recent guide books. - May 2016

Finding George Orwell in Burma . - Jul 2010

Anything on Daw Su (ASSK), also read up on the British occupation and on the role of the OSS in Kachin State. - Apr 2009

Burmese Days, Saving Fish from Drowning (not the ending though), the Glass Palace, The Piano Tuner. - Apr 2009

Lonely Planet, Culture Shock. - Nov 2008

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