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Yangon has a certain smell to it. Curry, offal, and raw sewage provide the backdrop for a cornucopia of smells depending on where in the city you are. - May 2019

The Rakhine situation has really changed things here; the tourism boom that people planned for isn't happening, and it's hard to say what the next few years will bring here. It's still worth living here and seeing the place for yourself. - Mar 2019

Morale here is high. Most people feel a deep sense of purpose in their jobs. - Oct 2016

This is an exciting time to be posted in Yangon. - May 2016

Domestic travel is not cheap in Myanmar. Hotel prices, in particular, differ a lot between high and low seasons. Still, it's much more pleasant to travel around Myanmar in the cool season. It's also great having a summer vacation aways from the rain. If money isn't your biggest concern, plan on domestic travel for cool seasons and overseas trips during the rainy season. - May 2016

French school in Yangon: Called "Ecole Joseph Kessel". If your children already speak French, then this would be another option for schools. It is currently a school of about 60 students near ISY (Golden hill neighborhood). It is owned by French company "Total". My children have brought their level of French up from mediocre back to fluent in 5 months. There are other expat kids attending along with the kids of Total employees. A new director (Principal) will come for 2014-1015 school year. A little side information about French schools though is that bullying is a part of growing up. It is tolerated at this school. A new director could change this, but our years of experience with different French schools tells us that it won't change. That said, our kids are very happy with their attentive, kind teachers and do have friends at the school. - Apr 2014

I love this place and virtually everyone I know loves it too. You can live like a king/queen. If you need your Western products and food, perhaps it's not the best location, but if you like being confused by weird logic, enjoy a rich culture, and want an adventure, you must absolutely come here. - Feb 2014

It's a hardship post, but it might be the easiest one in the world. - Jul 2010

Come in without expectations and you will be rewarded. The people of Burma make it an special place to live, the climate and the government make it a challenge, but it's always interesting. - Apr 2009

This is a great post. We have a small, supportive community and lots of activities. You have to be proactive to meet people and find out what's going on, but your schedule will be as busy as you want it to be. - Nov 2008

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