Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Petty crime is minimal, tourist scams are also rare. Myanmar people are usually warm, friendly, and inviting. - May 2019

This is the best thing about this post: it is crazy safe. You can leave your stuff lying around, let your kids wander into a different room of the restaurant, leave your car unlocked, and nothing is going to happen (it's a combination of cultural values and justified terror of the legal system). Stories abound of taxi drivers finding phones and tracking down the owner to give it back. There is virtually no street harassment of women; the only "harassment" I see is of our kids, who people are always touching, picking up, and giving them candy. Also, people will totally want to take selfies with foreigners. It's really, really a nice environment. - Mar 2019

Yangon is a low crime post. As long as you show the same situational awareness you would in your average U.S. city, you should be fine. - Sep 2018

In terms of personal security, this city is quite safe; even as a woman, you can walk alone at night downtown and feel secure. Common sense shouldn't be ignored; there have been a few stories of cabbies trying to take advantage of women traveling alone late at night, and you should watch your belongings in crowded areas. Still, crime is low, and you're much more likely to fall into a hole in the sidewalk than get mugged. - Mar 2017

Just general big city concerns to stay aware of your surroundings. Relatively safe. - Feb 2017

This place is very safe. Many people don't even lock doors. - Oct 2016

No - May 2016

Not until you have to travel to areas where conflicts between the military and armed ethnic groups occur. - May 2016

It is relatively a very safe country. - May 2016

No, Yangon is very safe. I doubt we will ever live in such a safe place again. We have no worries and allow our older kids to walk to friends' houses alone. - Apr 2014

No. Very safe to walk at night. Police do not hassle expats. Probably safer than any place I have ever been. - Feb 2014

Other than bombings on buses, which I wouldn't take anyway, very little. The upside to a police state is that it's normally safe for expats. The locals are generally nice and know they will get in more trouble if they are caught committing crimes on expats. That being said, there are some petty theft problems to be expected in a poor country. But nothing violent. Bombings are usually a couple times a year and very small yield with few casualties reported, but there was a grenade attack during the water festival with 10 dead & 170 wounded. - Jul 2010

Not for expats. - Apr 2009

Petty theft. - Nov 2008

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