What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

ISY, Network, and the British school are all excellent schools. - May 2019

We have had a great experience with ISY, which has strong leadership and values. People also like the British School and the French School, so there are several good options. Take location into account, as traffic is awful and some combinations mean kids spend a lot of time on the bus. - Mar 2019

We have a middle schooler and a high schooler at ISY and we've been very pleased with the school. The academics are rigorous and it was a challenge shifting from public school in northern Virginia to a pre-IB program, but the ISY staff have been extremely supportive. The counselors are constantly checking in with us and the kids and if a problem comes up, they bring the teachers, parents, and counselors together quickly to work through the issue. I heard similar positive reviews from the elementary school parents. - Sep 2018

There are 3-4 American curriculum international schools in town some with better reputations than others. Lots of British school options. Many are heavily academically focused and can be difficult for average American students to transition into. - Feb 2017

Our kids are very happy at ISY. Sometimes older kids struggle with transferring into ISY because it's very rigorous academically. Most people seem happy. - Oct 2016

We don't have kids, but there seem to be many choices. - May 2016

There are several international schools in Yangon. Our experience is with the International School of Yangon (ISY). IT IS AN IB SCHOOL! This is the school recommended by the Embassy and if you are U.S. personnel, you will not be put on a wait-list. We do not recommend this school to any American teens in high school though. The work-load is that of a university student (or more-so). More than 50% of the high school students have tutoring every day. A side note: more than 60% of the students are from somewhere in Asia. Asians have a priority to be challenged beyond the average grade level in order to get a superior education to the average student around the world. These teens do get into very good universities too. Last but not least on this subject...THERE IS A HOME SCHOOLING GROUP! Just ask around when you arrive. They do field trips together and activity days to bring the kids together for some socializing. There were not any home-schooled teens in this group currently though. - Apr 2014

International School Yangon (ISY)- is best. Best facilities. Great library. Good teachers. 50/50 expats/locals. Yangon International School (YIS)- traditionally seen as #2 but sliding lately. Good teachers, but space is way overcrowded and facilities are poor for the number of students (play space, library etc.) 90/10 locals/expats ratio (expats are all Korean, Thai, no We stern students). International School Myanmar (ISM)- I have heard decent things about this school. High teacher turnover, it's mainly a money-making operation but still better than many smaller schools. Also have MISY, Horizon, Network and smattering of other small schools developing. No IB school. - Feb 2014

There are two international pre-schools and at least three international schools. They have their differences, but all of them seem decent. - Jul 2010

International School of Yangoon is the only true international school in Rangoon. The teachers are primarily American and it is an international school board that supports the American administrators in the running of the school. The curriculum is American, although there are only a handful of American students. Yangon International School is a proprietary school, not yet accredited, but with the procedures under way. It is not a true international school, with the vast majority of students being Burmese. The international School of Myanmar is also a proprietary school. It has been recently accredited. Again, it is not a true international school with the vast majority of students being Burmese. Horizon is an up and coming international school managed by Turks, with the majority of teachers being Turkish, but teaching in English. Total is also a growing school, primarily focused on preschool and elementary school age students. Network is an amazing nursery, preschool and kindergartern, which also has an elementary school program. It works off a British curriculum with UK trained educators as well as Americans. - Apr 2009

International School of Yangon (ISY) - excellent for elementary school, not recommended for high school. - Nov 2008

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