What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Random road trips across the country have been an adventure. there are a lot of exciting places that have not been discovered. If you are able to hire a car and escape the main tourist areas you can still find places where the locals have never seen a foreigner before. - May 2019

Living somewhere that is globalized enough to have good coffee and wifi, but removed enough to where you can wander down roads that are full of monks collecting alms, and chickens, and outdoor barber shops, and strolling knife sharpeners, and all the other charming vestiges of a life that has been erased almost everywhere else in the world. Wandering the alleys of downtown Yangon. Inle Lake, Kalaw, Bagan and Ngapali Beach are all pretty much deserted and simply amazing. Domestic travel can be expensive but is worth it. It's a truly special place, flaws and all. - Mar 2019

Myanmar is a large and fascinating country. It is extremely ethnically diverse. You could occupy an entire tour just trying to get out to see everything within the country, much less all of the travel opportunities within the region. - Sep 2018

In Rangoon, we've enjoyed befriending and periodically checking in on the owner of Nawaday Tharlar Gallery on Yawmingyi Street. He's friendly as can be, always happy to see people, and has an ever-growing, ever-changing stash of paintings of all styles in the upstairs portion of the gallery. In-country trips have all been great and memorable: Bagan (hot air balloon ride on Christmas morning over the temples), Inle Lake (motoring downriver to abandoned temple ruins), Pyin Oo Lwin (strolling through botanical gardens designed by the Brits). Most recent and most memorable was a 6-day ride on a catamaran around the Mergui archipelago in far southern Burma, with Burma Boating. This isn't a cheap trip, but it was glorious--6 days of cliche-perfect isolated islands with white sand beaches and turquoise water.

This is a cool time to be here: infrastructure may be lacking in places, but this country is just becoming recognized as a worthwhile place to travel, and it's fun to say you were here before the crowds found it. - Mar 2017

A group of 16 of us just did a cruise to the Mergui archipelago with Mergui Princess. It was AMAZING- pristine white sand beaches with clear blue water and completely isolated. Best snorkeling I've ever done with beautiful coral reefs and great weather. Visiting Bagan and riding the hot air balloons was special. Inle Lake is also other-wordly. A trip to the Green Elephant Valley elephant camp in Shan state was great too. Ngapali beach is a relaxing and beautiful escape but expensive. (most local travel in country is more expensive than you would expect for southeast Asia). Also regional travel in southeast Asia is fabulous- takes a bit to get around because you usually connect through Bangkok or somewhere else but so many opportunities for holidays! - Feb 2017

The people here are wonderful. They are incredibly kind and honest. The beaches require some travel time, but they are beautiful and not overrun by tourists...yet - Oct 2016

Cultural tourism and lots of stupas - May 2016

Must be the hot air balloon ride flying over hundreds of temples in Bagan. - May 2016

Getting to know Myanmar people as well as expats from around the world. Visiting some remote areas that haven't seen many tourists and experiencing culture that has been trapped in a kind of time capsule. - May 2016

Traveling to the beach, riding elephants, monkeys hiking along with us. Seeing the amazing statues and monuments ancient and new. In Yangon... the markets, little tea shops and seeing the general way of life of the city people. - Apr 2014

The city is really more of a smash up of many small villages and there is an incredible amount of rural life for an urban area. People are extremely friendly, and there are some great travel options. The lack of development is astounding and refreshing. If you are partial to first-world living, this is not for you. - Feb 2014

It's an easy life. A lot like going back in time in many ways, but that has its charms. I'd say 90% of those posted here like it. The non-diplomats have less comforts and sometimes stay too long and get grumpier. - Jul 2010

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