What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Cost of living is fairly cheap, travel to other countries is inexpensive. - May 2019

For Southeast Asia, it has a lot of trees and relatively little traffic (that is to say, quite a lot by any other standards). Unique way of life is still preserved, at least for a few more years. Good and cheap food, domestic help, great spas, amazingly friendly people, lots of interesting issues as it rapidly confronts a world it was closed off to for 50 years. - Mar 2019

There's a certain atmosphere here that is really interesting--the feeling of being in a city that's still opening up to the outside world, that's becoming accustomed to the democratic process, that's in a time of real change. It's this feeling that is the most interesting or advantageous part of living here, and makes up for the poor infrastructure, bad traffic or hot temperatures. It's also a good place to save some money; it's hard to spend a lot here, so your savings account may grow faster here than in other places. - Mar 2017

You can live a really comfortable life for not crazy prices and the exotic adventures of Myanmar are still just outside your door when you're ready for them. - Feb 2017

Nice people, interesting culture, chance to save money - May 2016

Local people are friendly to foreigners. We feel safe all the time in the country. - May 2016

This country has a colorful and interesting culture, which until recently has remained isolated from the outside world. People are lovely; very humble, honest, and kind. Yangon is still a very safe city. It is within close proximity to other interesting destinations in South East Asia and there are some great destinations within the country. There are plenty of restaurants in all price ranges, lots of art galleries, and beautiful crafts. - May 2016

The people are the friendliest you will ever meet. Things are still done as they have been done for several years. The monks are everywhere and there is beautiful jungle landscape between the buildings. - Apr 2014

Saving money, culture, cheap of food, great tourism, and lack of winter. - Feb 2014

It's very cheap. There is no American stores/restaurants, but plenty of stuff to spend money on. Good restaurants and spas and clubs. Diplomats can buy for personal use, jewelry, teak, etc. You can get pretty much anything you want on the local market, if in less variety. There are gourmet bakers, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, etc. - Jul 2010

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