What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

United States. Travel to Myanmar takes aroiunbd 24 hours from the United States. - May 2019

U.S. east coast. It's about 24 hours, regardless of whether you fly west or east (yikes!). Most common connections are Toyko, Seoul, Dubai and Doha (all 5-7 hours), Bangkok (1 hour) or Singapore (2.5 hours). - Mar 2019

Travel from DC is long. The typical route is Dulles to either Seoul or Tokyo and then into Yangon. It takes about a day to get here. - Sep 2018

We currently live in the Washington DC area. The most convenient trip from DC to Rangoon requires one stop in either Tokyo or Seoul, with total travel time at about 22 hours at best (about 14 hours to Seoul/Tokyo, then about 6 to Rangoon, plus layover time). Less convenient itineraries might require an additional stop elsewhere (Dallas, Seattle, Bangkok, Hong Kong) and therefore require more time. - Mar 2017

Florida, U.S. 25+ hours at a minimum, typically through LA or DC to Tokyo, Seoul or Bangkok and then on to Yangon. You can also go through Doha now. - Feb 2017

U.S.A. We usually go from Yangon to Seoul to Detroit. There's a new flight directly to Dubai. Either way, it's a long haul. - Oct 2016

Fairhope, Alabama USA; 18+ hours, connection in Seoul - May 2016

California. We usually fly back via Taipei or Tokyo. - May 2016

California and Pennsylvania. The fastest flight is to LA via Taipei on China Airlines: 20 hours. To the East Coast via China, Korea, or Japan takes upwards of 30 hours. - May 2016

Hawaii. Connections mostly via Taipei, Seoul, & Bangkok. - Apr 2014

East Coast of the U.S. Trip is about 20-24 hours. Usually it's a long flight to Tokyo or Hong Kong and then another flight to Bangkok. Recently there is a flight from East Coast to Seoul to Yangon on Korean Air. - Feb 2014

It's about 24 hours from the East Coast with the various connections. Breaking the trip up makes it a lot more manageable, especially with kids. - Jul 2010

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