Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Internet speeds are on par or slightly slower than the average speeds you find in the states. Wireless speeds are comparable to the United States with LTE service available in most of the country. - May 2019

It varies widely; the serviced apartments have it and just put everyone on wifi, while houses can be hit or miss. This is also rapidly changing so will probably not be as issue in a year or so. - Mar 2019

High-speed internet is available at home and we've found the service to be quite reliable. It's more common to lose power than to lose internet, although it does happen from time to time. The time to install is normally fairly quick, within a week or two of arrival. - Sep 2018

We currently pay US $125 per month for 2 Mbps, which is the second-fastest option available. Installation time can be unpredictable--when we arrived in late October 2014, the city had decided to stop installing internet access for the rest of the year; since our house didn't already have a hook-up when we arrived, we had to wait until January for a fiber line to be strung out to our house. This also involved drilling a hole in the side of the house, which was a bit unnerving. The internet company has very poor communication skills--they send one bill per month once, and if you miss the deadline, they simply shut off your account with no further remarks. Also, we've had a few instances where our line has been damaged by activity out on our road--which we can't control because it's a public road--and the company tries to charge us for the replacement line. This usually results in us telling them to talk to the embassy, and they fight it out. - Mar 2017

Serviced apartments come with internet access and the speeds are decent although can slow quite a bit during busy hours. Single family homes seem to have frequent/random outages for longer stretches and the speeds can be pretty slow. I hear that some use 3G hot spots instead of paying for internet since it is frequently out and not fast enough. - Feb 2017

The serviced apartments get a connection as part of their rent. People with houses pay between $100-200 per month. A new undersea cable comes online in 2017, which will speed things up considerably. - Oct 2016

Yes. Included in our housing rental. Reliable, reasonable speed - May 2016

We pay US$125 per month for fiber Internet service which is fast enough to stream videos. The quality is unstable and can get very slow. Once every two months our Internet is out because our cable is broken for unidentifiable reasons. We have to pay the company to fix it and it takes up to three days for them to check the cable connected between the company and our house. - May 2016

Internet is expensive and still poor quality. - May 2016

We pay US$125 a month for the highest speed. The quality is still very slow; internet phone (Vonage) hardly ever works and Skype is good on some days and terrible on others. - Apr 2014

Yes, about US$40-50 a month. High speed in theory. Connection can vary and be sporadic. - Feb 2014

We have internet at home. It is very slow and only a little cheaper than comparable U.S. service. I almost never use it at home. Skype is unreliable but works sometimes. IVG is the bet way to go with calling card. - Jul 2010

Again, kind of, set up is pricey, but the monthly fees are comparable to the U.S. - Apr 2009

No. - Nov 2008

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