Yangon - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Yangon Door-to-door serves the entire city and most restaurants use the service. The restaurants that don't use the service will send you your food in a taxi or offer their own deliver service. - May 2019

Another pleasant surprise: there is a pretty good (well, okay) and growing food scene here. Myanmar cuisine is very diverse, ranging from grilled sea food from Rakhine, to Shan noodles, to hot pot, to BBQ, to localized Indian food, to lots of fermented salads, and is available every 50 feet or so. Many Myanmar people eat almost all of their meals at tea shops or street food vendors. There is also a plethora of good Indian, Thai, Korean, Japanese and Chinese options, a pretty good pizza place with a kids' play area, and a fair number of acceptable or better western places. Prices range from miniscule for Myanmar food to New York-level for some of the nice western places. Hotel brunches are really popular and great. YangonDoor2Door is like Seamless and delivers from almost everyone. Oh, and there is a Burger King at the airport and we all occasionally get really excited about eating there. - Mar 2019

Yangon is increasingly opening up to the rest of the world and it seems like new restaurants are constantly opening. They have a great local service called Yangon Door2Door that will deliver from most restaurants right to your do for a reasonable fee. If you want to go out there are a lot of restaurants to choose from for a variety of cuisines. - Sep 2018

The delivery service YangonD2D is expanding and improving its services, which is a real boon when traffic is bad and you don't want to battle it all the way downtown. The restaurant scene in Rangoon is expanding, though still limited. Nevertheless, there are some worthy options: a good pizza place, Korean barbecue, casual American, a French restaurant training school, Mexican, sushi, Asian fusion, upscale Burmese, Vietnamese, Indian, and even a German restaurant (there was a surprisingly good Russian restaurant, but it closed). There are also a couple of really good hotel brunches that are very popular. - Mar 2017

Yangon Door 2 door is amazing- bike delivery services that will bring almost any cuisine to your door. We have several good Indian restaurants. Parami Pizza is wonderful. Decent sushi and ramen available along with soup dumplings and la mian. Manana is legit Mexican food started in 2015 by a Mexican expat. The dining scene is always changing and there's lots of fun restaurants to go out to including the local restaurants. Pansuriya, Rangoon Tea House, Shan Yoe Yar and Taing Yin Thar are good Burmese options. There's also L'Planteur and Shwe sa bwe for a really upscale French dining experience. - Feb 2017

It's not Bangkok, but food scene has really grown. There are many trendy hipster options and new places are opening every weekend. - Oct 2016

Decent restaurants, both reasonably priced and ridiculously expensive - May 2016

In general you pay a U.S. price (without tips) for good quality of western food at expat-targeted restaurants such as Parami Pizza, Sharky's, Yangon Bakehouse, Fahrenheit, Alamanda... For Asian options you can pay less for the same qulity of food at expat-running restaruants like Easy Cafe, House of Singapura, First House, Ichibankan, Yoogane... - May 2016

Pizza Hut is now here, and also Swensens, Pizza Company, and KFC. We never go there. - May 2016

Pizza company has pizza (US$15 large), salad bar (US$5), & lasagna(US$6)...it's all good. The ice cream shop is believed to be owned by them as well an it is very good (US$2for a Sunday), pick your flavor. There are not really any fast food places in Yangon yet though. - Apr 2014

No Western fast food chains. A few imitation types popping up. Okay, but still can't get a great burger. Coffee circles is decent for coffee. You'll have to accept waiting until you get to Bangkok to satisfy your Western food cravings. - Feb 2014

Zero fast food places. There are some quicker cheaper Burmese restaurants, and expat themed places which are generally safer to eat at but more expensive. A 5-course lunch special at a great Italian place in town is $14, and a nice dinner might be US$20-30 a person. But even being careful, I've had food poisoning once or twice. - Jul 2010

There is no fast food really...plenty of good restaurants though, and being adventerous pays off. - Apr 2009

No fast food, but lots of great restaurants. - Nov 2008

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