Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Myanmar does not seem to be an inviting place for LGBT expats. - May 2019

Not sure but it's generally a pretty tolerant culture. - Mar 2019

There are a few LGBT things going on around town but it's a pretty sleepy town. - Feb 2017

Local people are on the conservative side towards LGBT issues. They somehow have more "opneness" when it comes to foreigners. There are a few gay-friendly restaurants and bars in town, as well as a monthly party. - May 2016

There is not a huge gay community, but they can be seen around town and people don't seem to be homophobic at all. - May 2016

I believe it is. There does not seem to be much thought on the matter and we have friends who are gay. Everyone is friendly with everyone. We are unaware of specific clubs though. - Apr 2014

Technically homosexuality is illegal. I know of a few and it seems okay, but do not be open about it. You will see many women holding hands with other women and vice versa for men but that is strictly a cultural thing and nothing to do with homosexuality. - Feb 2014

There are gay clubs in town, they don't seem exactly open to it, and I think there is a law against, but I don't think it's enforced. There is alot of male platonic affection in public that seems odd by U.S. standards. - Jul 2010

Yes, there is little prejudice and a thriving gay community. - Apr 2009

Yes. - Nov 2008

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