What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Cereal and snacks. Our kids don't enjoy the local snacks; fried fish skins and fried crickets anyone? - May 2019

We shipped the usual baking supplies, wine and beer, kids' snacks, laundry detergent, olive oil and vinegar, toiletries. We could have found substitutes here (or carried them back from runs to Bangkok and KL) but I'm glad we did because this was much cheaper and easier. People definitely ship pet food if they have pets. - Mar 2019

This is a consumables post and the allowance is generous. We just re-upped on consumables during R&R. We went heavy on paper towels, marinara sauce, black bean dip, and Trader Joe's taco seasoning. We shipped mayo the first go-round and it all went bad. - Sep 2018

Aside from the aforementioned Bug Barrier, I think we did a good job prioritizing the right things--some canned goods we particularly like, a lot of cleaning products, a consumables shipment focused on alcohol we can't get here, etc. Most everything else was either available locally or could be ordered and mailed. - Mar 2017

Tampons are unavailable on the local market but you can order over amazon (if you have diplomatic pouch privileges) or find at the commissary. It all depends on how brand-picky you are. Again, you can find almost everything or order on Amazon but if there's stuff you know you like, bring it. Serviced apartments provide TP so no need to ship unless you are really picky. Single family homes do not! - Feb 2017

You can save money by shipping laundry detergent and household goods. Most things are available here. - Oct 2016

Nothing we didn't foresee - May 2016

Sunscreen, bug spray, wine. - May 2016

It's a consumable post if you work for the Embassy. We were glad we shipped wine and also Trader Joe's products such as; Dijon mustard, special sauces, peanut butter and other specialty items. Your favorite shampoos and soaps might also be good to ship. Paper towels and dish soap are not good quality here. Full service apartments supply tissues and toilet paper. - May 2016

Chocolate, sunscreen, ant bait, gifts for kids, brown sugar, pecans, pasta, brown rice, basket-ball net, gelatin (Jello), rubbing alcohol. - Apr 2014

Extra clothes. Won't find Western style clothes here that will fit Western-sized people. - Feb 2014

Spray sunscreen is impossible to find. I have bug spray, but depending where you are you might want Deep Woods Off. I would have looked for 220 volt Uninterpretable Power Supplies. You can get them here, but all electronics in Asia seemed pre-owned to me. - Jul 2010

Olive oil. You can get it, but it's expensive. Nail polish...OPI gets marked up to over US$15 a bottle and it's old and clumpy. - Apr 2009

You can purchase or substitute almost anything on the market. - Nov 2008

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