How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

We use the US Postal Service through the Embassy. There are DHL kiosks in the city. - May 2019

DPO. We've used DHL and it worked, but it was $100 for an envelope. There is a courier service here for sending and receiving packages from abroad, as well. - Mar 2019

We have DPO and pouch here. Mail service typically adds 10-14 days delivery time for DPO items. - Sep 2018

We get all our mail through the embassy's mail services (APO/DPO and pouch), as local mail services are presumed to be unreliable and slow. - Mar 2017

APO although under pouch rules. - Feb 2017

Embassy. - Oct 2016

U.S. Embassy - May 2016

APO. - May 2016

Sent through the Embassy. I have received packages on occasion, but these must be picked up at the old GPO down town and are inspected before being released to you. - May 2016

APO. - Apr 2014

It's best to send out of Bangkok but I receive mail fine now. - Feb 2014

The local mail is like putting a message in a bottle and hoping nobody steals anything. We use pouch for everything. I think most of the other expats have PO Boxes in Bangkok. - Jul 2010

Hah. If you're not eligible for APO/Pouch, forget it, get yourself a box in Bangkok and plan frequent trips. - Apr 2009

We have limited APO. - Nov 2008

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