Yangon - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Soccer, gymnastics, swimming, horseback riding, and many other activities are available for kids and adults. - May 2019

Yes, through the schools, plus we have done soccer, swimming, piano, ballet, gymnastics and music on the local market. Other people we know do Scouts, circus arts, t-ball, Japanese, Spanish. You have to hunt but things are available. There are a lot of math/science enrichment classes targeted at Myanmar kids. - Mar 2019

ISY has basketball, volleyball, swimming and soccer as organized activities. - Sep 2018

Shakespeare school, swimming lessons, dance classes, choir, T-ball/baseball from November-March at the AERA club, Girl/Cub Scouts. - Feb 2017

The American club has lots of options. Our kids LOVE the club. They can run around free in big packs of friends. - Oct 2016

American Club is one of the easiest place for kids to do sports. - May 2016

There is Saturday soccer, Thursday cub scouts that girls also attend (currently just started), play groups for the younger ones, the American club has parties with jumping castles all the time. The American club also has swim lessons twice a week and offers baseball and tennis. There is equestrian, dance and TONS OF MUSIC CLASSES from any instrument to singing. Other sports are mostly offered through the schools. - Apr 2014

Through schools. - Feb 2014

I know of softball, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, general exercise, and darts clubs. There are probably others. - Jul 2010

Not really. Only through the schools and there is one gymnastics school. Tennis, golf and swimming lessons are available by appointment. - Apr 2009

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