What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

We are fortunate that our apartment has a nice gym facility. Other gyms in city cost between USD 1000-2000 per year. - May 2019

Serviced apartments all have pretty nice gyms, and there are also a bunch of places around town. Prices are less than in the west. Personal trainers are popular; you can also learn lei thwei (kickboxing), tennis, swimming, golf, etc. During the cool season, sports are a major focus of the expat community; there are leagues for softball and volleyball, tennis tournaments, road races, and more. - Mar 2019

There's a decent gym at the embassy. There are also several new gyms around town. Many of these gyms cater to rich locals so membership fees are more expensive than in the U.S. Families with kids at ISY are permitted to use their gym and pool for free. - Sep 2018

I never used any of the local gyms, though my husband did for a while. They're slowly increasing in number, but generally remain expensive (relatively speaking) and crowded. I made the most use of a yoga studio, Yangon Yoga House, which has expanded to two branches and has an ever-increasing offering of classes (several styles of yoga, Pilates, barre-based classes). Class passes can be bought for 5 or 10 classes; a 10-class pass is good for 6 months and currently costs US $100; 5-class passes or single-class drop-ins are a bit more per class. The studio also holds workshops, like 2- or 3-hour sessions on headstands or meditation, and organizes retreats around the region. - Mar 2017

Serviced apartments have gyms which are adequate but not fancy. Powerhouse gym and Balance fitness are two gyms the Embassy staff use due to location. They run $100-150/month and include a wide range of classes. There's also Yangon Yoga house which has yoga, barre and many other classes available at two locations for about $10/class. - Feb 2017

New fancy gyms are starting to emerge. The American club and the U.S. Embassy both have gyms for embassy personnel. - Oct 2016

Most serviced apartments have work-out facilities. There are a few newly open gyms available too. Member fees are not cheap though. Given the climate and poor infrastructure (lack of sidewalk, street nights, etc.), you might not enjoy running outside really. - May 2016

Yes, but our "full service" apartment complex has a gym so I don' know about costs. - May 2016

The gym at the Embassy is basic, but very good with lockers and showers. You never see more than 2 others in the gym...so it's a good option if you are with the Embassy. We checked out a rather small gym, new with fun looking classes in our neighborhood. It cost around US$200 a month. I have heard of much cheaper gyms though, but not in the Golden hill area. - Apr 2014

Post and the American Club have gyms, there are some Burmese gyms, but I don't know anyone who uses them. - Jul 2010

There are gyms at all the serviced apartments and hotels. - Apr 2009

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