What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

There are several hidden waterfalls near Golden Rock. - May 2019

There are not a lot of road trips because the roads are so bad, but Ngwe Saung beach and Bago are both worth doing once. Take the ferry to Dala and wander around, visit the insanely weird "National Races Village" park, feed the crocodiles at the farm in Thaketa, ride the swan boats in People's Park, visit the tomb of the last Mughal emperor, try unsuccessfully to stifle your bewildered laughter in the counter-narcotics museum, play with animals at the dog and cat cafe, watch the cultural show on Karaweik barge, go to the Saturday farmer's markets in Karaweik Park, go to Yangon Zay, have brunch at the Melia, have Friday drinks at the Sailing Club, visit the Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp; the list goes on! - Mar 2019

Art exhibits and swinging by the galleries that host them is always fun; this country is photogenic and lends itself to fun artwork. For tourist attractions a bit off the beaten path, I like the Sitting and Reclining Buddhas, which are in temples across the road from each other. Karaweik Palace at sunset is beautiful. A couple of bars in the city are rooftop, with views of Shwedagon Pagoda; those are worth seeking out for the view. Also, not a hidden gem, but massages are cheap and enjoyable. Hair washes, which can be had at salons, are 20-40-minute shampoos with scalp and neck massages, and should not be missed. - Mar 2017

The Nagar Glass Factory is such a quirky interesting place. It was destroyed and shut down in 2008 after Cyclone Nargis hit but you can still go and pick through the leftover glass pieces and buy them from the caretakers. Yangon food tour was fun too. - Feb 2017

Inle lake, Bagan, and all the undiscovered local attractions. - Oct 2016

Regional tourism; Many monasteries, temples, and stupas - May 2016

Nagar Glass Factory that was destroyed by a cyclone in 2008 is still operating as a "store". Expats or tourists like coming here to dig out unique pieces of hand-made glassware from the glass jungle. There are also several teak furniture vendors around Yangon where expacts like to purchase customized items for a reasonable price (although prices have been increasing with more expats shopping there). - May 2016

Visiting galleries, trying new restaurants, going to Chinatown, riding the "Circle Train", visiting local parks, shopping centers and wet markets. - May 2016

Cinema, "Pizza Company" is a new restaurant with US$15 large pizza (our family thinks it's the best pizza in Yangon), any of the pagoda's are amazing and fun to see, Favorite place? Bogyoke market...pronounced BO-JOE. Bogyoke has everything and you could easily spend all day there. It is fun for the whole family. Find a recommended seamstress, pick out some pictures online and have her make clothes for you for amazing prices. - Apr 2014

Weekend trips to beach or villages around. Running with hash group in rural areas. Wandering downtown. Few parks. - Feb 2014

In Rangoon I've seen Myanmar Brewery, Monkey Park, Asia Point Bowling. Shwedagon Pagoda is spectacular, but I have still only seen it from afar. There are two beaches in country, that are worth returning to when you get cabin fever. Inle Lake and Bagan are both unique and worth seeing, Mandalay is not that much different than Rangoon and the new capital at Nay Pyi Taw is nothing special. - Jul 2010

Explore, the world outside of Rangoon is absolute magic. - Apr 2009

Lots! This post is what you make of it. There are a lot of outdoor activities and a supportive community. The country lacks technology, but you can go to Bangkok for modernization. - Nov 2008

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