What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

ISY will accomodate special needs on a case by case basis. - May 2019

Not sure, but ISY seems to make an effort. None of the schools are huge, so the range of what they can offer is inherently limited. - Mar 2019

Very limited resources for special-needs kids in Yangon. - Feb 2017

I am almost certain if ISY does not already have provisions for kids using a wheelchair, they would make them for an incoming student. The work-load at this school can be very difficult, but it is a very nice, structured school. It is my understanding that US-MIL dependents who need scholastic assistance are not able to come to this post at this time. - Apr 2014

Very little. No school to my knowledge has programs for special education. There is one Western trained child psychologist in Yangon. No occupational therapists. One part-time speech pathologist. - Feb 2014

I'm not sure if they do. In general, there are no U.S. style accommodations in the whole country. - Jul 2010

None of the schools in Rangoon is equipped to accomodate special needs kids, although many will say they are and will try. There are no special education professionals working in Rangoon at this time. - Apr 2009

Not available. - Nov 2008

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