Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Our apartment has ants and geckos. Our friends in houses complain of rats, snakes, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and geckos. - May 2019

In apartments, you'll fight an endless war with ants and see an occasional (HUGE) cockroach, but that's it. If you consider geckos pests, you'll be upset, but if you like them because they eat all of the other bugs, you're in luck. In houses, mosquitoes, snakes, mold,'s the tropics. Most people in houses employ a gardener to deal with some of this stuff. A note on mosquitoes: dengue is real in Yangon and expats get it. Wearing bug spray all the time is essential, no matter where you live. - Mar 2019

It's the tropics, so we have it all: ants, roaches, mosquitoes (dengue and malaria), rats, snakes, you name it! We found it all manageable with regular spraying and liberal use of Off. - Sep 2018

It's common for free-standing houses to experience insect infestations from time to time. For us, this never came in the form of anything worse than sugar ants (mostly in the hot season), and could mostly be managed with seasonal applications of Bug Barrier. - Mar 2017

Almost all of the single family homes have ant problems. Some close to the lake have snakes during rainy season. - Feb 2017

There are ants and mosquitoes in houses. The serviced apartments have fewer problems. - Oct 2016

Mosquitoes, but not in Yangon - May 2016

Many households have to flight with ants, though you would kind of give up the fight after a few months. Mosquitoes all year around and they carry dengue. Bring sufficient bug spray as you may need it every time you go outdoors Sprays available locally don't really work well for some reason. There's also a type of flying insect that only shows up during the rainy season. - May 2016

There are mosquitoes - malaria and dengue fever are a problem. - May 2016

Mosquitoes year round. No need for Malaria prophylaxis in Yangon though. There are people who will fumigate your property for US$25. This option worked out well for an evening outdoor party in the dry season. But the mosquitoes returned by morning time. Ants are everywhere!!! They call them "crazy ants." Bring ziplock bags to store pantry items in. They even got into my Velveeta cheese (processed American cheese) in the pantry. - Apr 2014

Mosquitos, especially in January-April. Some of the bug sprays used here are not very healthy or environmentally friendly. - Feb 2014

Mosquitoes mostly, during rainy season especially. We have nets on the beds and spray the house, but normally I have a few bites healing on me. The apartments are too high up to have any problem with them though. - Jul 2010

Mosquitos, dengue fever, malaria carrying mosquitos. - Apr 2009

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