Yangon - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

It's hot and humid all year long. The heat becomes bearable October through December. - May 2019

Lovely tropical paradise November-March, humid inferno April and May, and tropical rain June-October. It doesn't rain all day, every day in rainy season, but it rains for at least some time every day, which makes planning things tricky. Expats flee the country for the summer, so there are very few kids' activities when school is out. - Mar 2019

It's hot from February to June, rainy from June to October, dry and warm from October to January. It's never not warm in Yangon. - Sep 2018

It's hot all the time. Dry season (October/November-February) is the best, with highs around 85-90 and lows around 70-75 at night, and low humidity. Hot season (March-May) is the worst, in my opinion, with highs hitting 105-110, high humidity, and often blazing sunshine. Rainy season (June-September) sees highs around 85-90 with heavy daily rainstorms, particularly around July and August. - Mar 2017

Monsoon season is June-October it's warm, humid and just rains all day for weeks.

"Dry/cool" season comes after that although October/November are still fairly humid and hot it doesn't rain much then. It can really be nice from December- February.

March- May is HOT season with temperatures over 100 daily for weeks on end. - Feb 2017

November to February is glorious. Aside from those months, it's either hot or raining. - Oct 2016

Hot and dry, hot and wet, and monsoon. Also hot. - May 2016

Three seasons here: cool, dry, rainy season. The cool season is so pleasant that you would feel like spending all your time outside. Unfortunately it only lasts a couple of months, and then there comes the hot season which is made of countless days and nights easlily over 100F degrees. For the rainy season you might not find it that awful if sitting in the office is your routine. It, however, impacts a lot on your family members who gets soaked in the rain or stuck in floods while running errands. - May 2016

Weather is always warm, though hot season can be oppressive during mid-day and rainy season creates flooding and slippery sidewalks. Best time of year is November to January when it actually gets cool. - May 2016

It seems to be months of raining or months of dry. It is warm & humid during the rain (but not hot & steamy), and it is very hot during the dry months. - Apr 2014

3 seasons: May-September: Monsoon with the worst being June-August. At peak, it will rain all day every day. May and September are shoulders. October- February: Dry and hot. After the rainy season, it keeps getting cooler until winter peaks in January with daily temps around 80F. Clear skies every day. March-April: Very hot and incredibly humid. Regularly about 105F. It's not fun to be outside. Clear skies. - Feb 2014

It's Florida plus 10 or 20 degrees and a little humidity. In my mind, there are really three seasons. From October-February is nice, about 80F and dry. From February-May/June is it really hot, we had 100 days of 100 degree heat. June-October is monsoon season and it rains all the time. You get used to it, and I actually looked forward to the rain this year as it cooled the houses down -- the A/C can only do so much. - Jul 2010

There are three seasons, dry, hot and rainy. Dry season is warm and dry days, cool and dry nights...pure bliss. Hot season is very, very, very hot and humid. Rainy season is wet. Very wet. Monsoon style rains, almost all day, every day. - Apr 2009

Hot and humid. - Nov 2008

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