Was this post your first expatriate experience? If not, what other cities have you lived in as an expat?

No, I have lived in in several cities across North America and Europe. - May 2019

No, I've had many overseas tours. - Mar 2019

This is our fourth overseas experience. Prior service in London, Jerusalem, and Mexico. - Sep 2018

No; my husband and I were previously posted to the US embassy in Beijing for 3 years. - Mar 2017

No, have lived in two different 2nd-tier Chinese cities. - Feb 2017

Five previous expat experiences, mostly in Africa. - Oct 2016

Accra, Ghana; Pretoria, South Africa; Buenos Aires, Argentina - May 2016

We lived in Shanghai before Yangon. - May 2016

No, we've also been posted to Beijing/ China, Tbilisi /Georgia, and Budapest/Hungary. - May 2016

We have also lived in N'Djamena, Brussels, Conakry, Harare, Quito, and Guatemala City. - Apr 2014

First long-term experience overseas. I completed several 2 or 3-months postings in Europe. - Feb 2014

Previously lived in Eastern and Western Europe. - Jul 2010

No. - Apr 2009

Yes. - Nov 2008

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