Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Jade, saphires, and rubies are all cheap here. - May 2019

Ugggh, yes. People go crazy on jewelry (it's so nice!), teak furniture, laquer, rattan, and cloth; it's really deadly. Bogyoke market is incredible. Note that there is a ban on exporting new teak, but reclaimed teak furniture abounds. - Mar 2019

Yes, there's a lot to buy here! Teak furniture can be had for much less than in the US, and it can be custom-made from recycled/second-hand teak. Art, particularly paintings, are colorful and unique, making it hard to buy just one. Semiprecious and precious gems are readily available for reasonable prices. Textiles are abundant--fabrics to be turned into clothes or pillowcases; table runners; woven blankets; scarves, etc. Stores like Hla Day offer lots of handicrafts sold from small groups that might not otherwise have a chance--disabled people, ethnic minorities, etc--and are priced to sell. Bagan specializes in lacquerware, which can either be used as intended or simply as decoration. It's very easy to end up with a lot of cool local stuff! - Mar 2017

Yes! They say Myanmar art is undervalued and there are SO many little art galleries to pop into and check out. There's also lots of people making furniture out of reclaimed teak for great prices (still an investment but cheaper than in the U.S.) Lots of lovely textiles from Chin and other areas. - Feb 2017

Very nice locally produced arts/crafts - May 2016

Teak furnitures. - May 2016

Handicrafts are beautiful. - May 2016

Although we are not big fans of it... lacquer-ware is very popular, woodwork, gems/jewelry, pearls, antiques, carved mother-of-pearl, long many things! - Apr 2014

Jewelry and teak wood items. - Jul 2010

Furniture, textiles, jewelry, lacquer ware...but there are sanctions in effect on teak, jade and rubies. - Apr 2009

Burma has a lot of things to purchase. Antiques, pearls, gems, wood carvings, materials, laquerware, monks, etc. - Nov 2008

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