Can you save money?

Yes - May 2016

Yes, if you cook more often and don't travel as much. - May 2016

Yes, and you'll save even more if you eat and live local. - May 2016

Yes, if you are not eating out and/or buying western products at the shops. - Apr 2014

Yes. Depends on how much you want to spend but with maids around US$100 a month and groceries so cheap, you can easily get by on US$500 a month. A custom-tailored 3-piece suit goes for US$80! If you're spending more than US$1,000 a month you must be burning it. - Feb 2014

Definitely, the only real threat is regional travel and shopping on-line. Living in town with expat lifestyle is definitely cheaper than normal lifestyle in U.S. - Jul 2010

Somewhat. - Apr 2009

Yes. - Nov 2008

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