If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Coats and sweaters. - May 2019

Desire to do anything quickly, desire to drive faster than 20 mph ever, all of your non-summer clothes because there is no space for them, anything that is not absolutely essential, because it will probably get covered with mold in your house or apartment. - Mar 2019

Winter clothes and your desire to cash the differential check, but still be able to complain about the hardship. If you take the money, you take the pain that comes with it. - Sep 2018

Cold-weather clothes. - Mar 2017

Winter clothes. - Feb 2017

Socks. - Oct 2016

Socks - May 2016

Only few pieces of winter wear in case your are travelling when it's winter outside of Myanmar. - May 2016

Winter clothes! - May 2016

Winter wear, photo books, anything that might get damaged by humidity or a leak. - Apr 2014

Reliance on technology and always being in touch with the world with internet, Blackberries, Iphones/Pads/Pods, etc. It's like being in the past, but you get used to it pretty quick. - Jul 2010

Snow gear and boots. - Apr 2009

Technology. - Nov 2008

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