Yangon - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

The Myanmar people wear traditional longyis and dresses. Everyone else just tries not to sweat. - May 2019

It's really hot here, so a little more relaxed than other places. Women generally should have shoulders and knees covered, which can be a bit of a challenge. No shorts for women unless you're by the pool. Note that women from Myanmar are covered to wrists and ankles 100 percent of the time. There are relatively few formal events. - Mar 2019

Suits are standard attire at the embassy. Formal dress is required on rare occasion. - Sep 2018

The embassy has a reasonably formal dress code, but full suits are not usually required for guys unless there's a particular reason to dress up, like a visiting delegation; most times, guys wear nice pants and button-up shirts, and keep a blazer and tie handy just in case. Women can get away with a wider variety, but suits are similarly not required. Many American women at the embassy have clothes made out of local fabrics; it's normal to see people wearing things like sheath dresses and pencil skirts made of local fabric. - Mar 2017

Myanmar is fairly casual. Locals wear longyis and flip flops a lot. Within the embassy it varies by section with Pol/Econ wearing suits and ties (most of the time) but other agencies or sections are more casual. - Feb 2017

Formal at the Embassy. Everywhere else is less formal. Flip-flops are always welcome. - Oct 2016

Business casual and plain casual - May 2016

Generally very casual. Flip flops are widely accepeted. Shorts should be avoided when visiting a temple. - May 2016

Modest dress. Shoulders and legs above the knee are usually covered. You cannot visit a Pagoda unless these parts are covered either. - May 2016

Embassy is dress slacks/shirt/tie for men. Women also wear the same standard business attire you would see in the States at this Embassy. In public you will be more comfortable if your knees and shoulders are covered. Dress is very casual. Flip flops (especially during rainy season) will be your best friend if you can handle them. No shoes or socks are allowed at Buddhist monasteries and temples. - Apr 2014

Quite conservative in public. Women should not bare shoulder or knees. Most locals where traditional longyis (women) and men wear baso (sort of like a wrap skirt). - Feb 2014

Burmese men and women wear what looks like a long skirt and sandals. Most people at work where slacks and short-sleeved shirts, either polo or button. There's a few that try long sleeves but,always have them rolled up. It's hot. - Jul 2010

Business professional for diplomats, business casual for everyone else. - Apr 2009

Conservative. - Nov 2008

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