What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

The Yangon Newcomers group and Yangon Expat groups are great places to meet other expats. - May 2019

The usual house parties, restaurant scene, etc. The Goethe Institute and French Institute are both big here. - Mar 2019

The American Club has regular events, and the other embassies seem to host social events on a fairly regular basis. There's a local hash that's well attended. - Sep 2018

As previously mentioned, it's easy to run into other expats at a variety of events, since there aren't very many of either (expats or events). Some recent events have included concerts, an innovative art exhibit (German artist at the historic Secretariat building), events hosted by particular communities/entities (shops and food stalls at the Institut Francais; a meet-the-artist event at the store Hla Day), visiting chefs at a couple of restaurants, etc. Events like art exhibits at some of the city's galleries might be one of the better places to meet both locals and expats--the city's art scene is surprisingly good, and attracts a wide swath of people calling Rangoon home. - Mar 2017

Internations, Yangon Newcomers Group, International Friendship Group, happy hours with other diplomatic missions, Hash House Harriers, art gallery shows. - Feb 2017

Dining, at home and in restaurants. Some movies, some nightlife - May 2016

Pool time, restaurants and bars. New arrivals usually enjoy shopping fabric and teak furniture. Galleries are the place to go to kill time and collect a few pieces during the rainy season (They say it's the season for better bargaining). - May 2016

Go out to dinner, get together with friends, go to a gallery, bar, or club. - May 2016

English language new release movies at the cinema, tea time, Barbeque for non-members on Sunday's at the Australian club, canoe, swim, & tennis at the American club, biking club, photography group, nice bars, restaurants and parks, shopping at the markets. - Apr 2014

Bars, restaurants, parks, beer stations, outings. - Feb 2014

For somewhere that seems like it has "nothing to do" (in American type attractions), I've never been this busy, it seems every day there is a club, sport, or party event to go to and it can get overwhelming. - Jul 2010

You end up at lots of dinner parties...and hosting some as well. It's old school diplomacy and lots of fun if you like people and gin. - Apr 2009

Lots to do! It's a small community so people have parties all the time. - Nov 2008

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