Yangon - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

There is large and vibrant expat community with expats from all over the world. Morale is usually high. - May 2019

Definitely in the thousands; big enough to support some expat-oriented businesses, but small enough that you know someone at every party. Morale is pretty good; a lot of people are addicted to the easy lifestyle, the travel, and plentiful domestic help. - Mar 2019

The expat community is large and growing. I would say morale is good overall. Everyone seems to enjoy it here. - Sep 2018

The Western expat community is still small; it's growing, but slowly. There are more Australians than Americans. For other expats, there are of course a good number of regional neighbors represented--China and India have significant expat communities, for example. Due to the fairly small number of both expats and places that cater to them, you often end up seeing each other repeatedly, even if you don't intend to. Overall morale seems good--as a friend once said, "Since it's still so hard to get a work visa here, you can't end up here by accident, so everyone you meet is doing something cool and interesting." Also, it takes a certain personality type to end up here, so most people are generally happy with life, and, if you have an "Oh, Burma!" day or moment, everyone else can sympathize. - Mar 2017

Small but growing. Lots of NGOs, energy sector, and a few missionary families. Generally good morale. - Feb 2017

Getting bigger fast. - Oct 2016

Good-sized, but dispersed - May 2016

There seems to be a fast growing group of expats arriving in Yangon. - May 2016

Large and very good! - May 2016

We have two of our children at the French school...there are many French here with "Total". There are also many Australians and a nice Australian club. The U.S. Embassy is medium in size. There seems to be a large and growing number of expats in Yangon. Most seem to be happy here. But no one ever seems to be sad to leave either. It is a nice 2-year post. - Apr 2014

A couple thousand people in Yangon, with French, British, and Americans being largest. High morale. - Feb 2014

Much smaller than average, due to limited diplomatic ties with most countries. There are some big foreign companies in town plus various teachers, so it seems big enough to me. - Jul 2010

Small...claustrophobic at times, comforting at other times. - Apr 2009

Pretty small, you get to know everyone here in a few months. - Nov 2008

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