What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Household help is inexpensive. Most expats have a driver, a nanny for kids, and a maid. I have also seen some families hire a cook to come to their house a few nights a week. - May 2019

Pretty much everyone has some sort of help: driver, gardener, nanny, cook, cleaner, depending on your living situation. We have a part-time cook/ironer. Salaries top out at about US$400/month full time (which is technically six days), and generally are significantly lower. Almost all housing is set up for a live-in, if that's what you want. There are a lot of people who want to work for expats, but turnover is pretty high and it can take a few tries to find the right person, especially if you need someone with good English. - Mar 2019

Household help is quite affordable here. It seems like most families employ a housekeeper or nanny. Many of the stand-alone residents also employ a gardener. It's quite common for people to employ a driver, in part because parking is awful everywhere, and in part because we are currently only permitted to import one vehicle. Having a driver makes it easier to get everyone where they need to go. - Sep 2018

Household help, while somewhat more difficult to find than it was in Beijing, is readily available if you're willing to look for it a bit. People here employ a range of staff; most common are housekeepers, from a few days a week at a few hours a visit, to five days a week for full work days. People also employ nannies, guards, gardeners and drivers. We found our housekeeper via YEC (Yangon Expat Connection), a Gmail group; she in turn introduced us to our guard/gardener. When our housekeeper started with us, we payed her a fairly high rate for circa 40-hour work weeks: about $300/month. We paid the gardener half that for slightly fewer hours and fewer overall responsibilities. We've given them both annual raises of about 10% each year they've been with us. - Mar 2017

Household help is available but the level of their English and experience with expats varies greatly and impacts prices. Currently a decent, full-time English speaking nanny with experience with expats makes 300-400/month. Burmese people will love your children but they are very indulgent so keep that in mind. Some cooks can read and write in English and follow recipes go for 300/month full time. Super helpful to have them shop, cook, prep, etc. - Feb 2017

Household is reliable and ranges from $250-350 per month. - Oct 2016

Domestic help is pretty affordable and common among expat families. - May 2016

Cheap. Full service apartments include cleaning, though they don't clean dishes or the kitchen. - May 2016

US$200 a month for a maid (6 person family). - Apr 2014

Full time maid US$80-100 a month (8 hour days). Live at home nanny US$200-300 a month. - Feb 2014

Cheap and available. Drivers cost US$80-120 a month and are the high end of the scale. Cooks, nannies, and home guards are common. - Jul 2010

Whatever you need, you can find, and it's all very affordable. - Apr 2009

Very affordable: Maid - US$90 a month; Nanny - US$80 a month; Driver - US$90 a month; Gardener - US$80 a month. - Nov 2008

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