Yangon - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

The local providers are fast cheap and affordable. Just don't expect to use your Myanmar sim card outside of Myanmar. - May 2019

I brought an unlocked phone and have a local SIM card and it is crazy cheap; I put maybe $7 a month on it and get lots of 4G data and calls. It's really simple. Facebook messenger, Viber and WhatsApp are all very, very popular here. - Mar 2019

Bring an unlocked phone and buy a local SIM card. Most people just buy data top ups for their phones, which is quite cheap here. I spend about $25 a month on data on average, and I use my phone pretty regularly. - Sep 2018

We brought unlocked iPhones from the US and got local MPT SIM cards. Other options are Ooredoo and Telenor; some work better in other parts of the country than the other companies, but service is roughly comparable. Data is very cheap and can be added as you need it. - Mar 2017

Local provider is a must as most overseas plans do not work in Myanmar. SIM cards are cheap- $1/each, but I would bring an unlocked phone. iPhones are not sold in country. - Feb 2017

Cheap and easy here. We pay about $5 per month for unlimited data. - Oct 2016

Bring your own, buy a SIM card - May 2016

MPT is the biggest telecommunication company and seems to have the best reception. But it is also the slowest when using data to get on the Internet. No carrier has whole coverage over the country. You might need multiple SIM cards from different companies when travelling outside of Yangon or major tourist destinations. - May 2016

Bring an unlocked one and get a sim card and plan on arrival. - May 2016

Burma has it's own network; you have to get a local SIM card. Permanent Sim cards cost $1,500 (yes, that's not a typo) but you can get disposables for 1-3 months for $25-$75. - Jul 2010

Don't count on it. SIM cards are overregulated and expensive. The service sucks anyway, smoke signals work better. Really, - Apr 2009

Extremely expensive and not reliable. The lack of technology is the hardest part of post. - Nov 2008

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