Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

When we arrived two years ago credit card payments were being introduced to the city and most employees did not know how to use them. Most larger businesses accept Visa and Mastercard; you will be hard pressed to find anyone who accepts Amex. The ATMs at major hotels and banks are safe. - May 2019

Credit cards are increasingly accepted at restaurants, hotels, and stores within malls; ATMs can be found but occasionally run out of money. No real reports of scams. Myanmar is rapidly moving ahead on this front. Some banks still think there are sanctions, which can be a nasty surprise when you go to an ATM, so clarify ahead of time with your bank. - Mar 2019

Credit cards are only slowly being accepted around town. We use them at the grocery store, which is handy, but many restaurants still only take cash. ATMs are plentiful around town and fairly safe to use. - Sep 2018

Credit cards are slowly becoming more accepted, but this is still largely a cash-based economy. Large hotels, stores oriented toward expats and some other places that sell expensive items (gems, art, etc) are more likely to take credit cards. ATMs are also becoming more common, but often malfunction: either they're broken, out of cash or experience some error partway through, and hopefully you get your card back. If you can easily access a money changer, like at the embassy, this is a more reliable option. - Mar 2017

No! It's getting better but most local establishments do not take credit card. Myanmar is still very much a cash-based economy. One officer recently paid for car repairs all in cash and needed a shopping bag to carry it all. ATMs are getting more common but some have trouble reading our debit cards. You can however use a credit card at one of the grocery store chains and a few of the hotels around town. If bringing USD to Myanmar be sure to ONLY bring absolutely brand new, crisp, no wrinkles, no tears, no ink stains PERFECT bills to exchange. (Best exchange rate is for $100 bills). Otherwise they will not accept your USD for exchange. - Feb 2017

Credit card use is getting easier in Yangon, but it's mostly a cash economy. - Oct 2016

Don't... - May 2016

Nearly none of the shops or restaurant would accept any foreign currency since it became illegal. Few restaruants have signs for Visa and Master but they actually only take either (or neither). Visa is accepted at more occasions though you should always carry enough cash in case of a bad connection for the card machine. Also, ATMs are not always working with foreign cash cards. Generally, just expect to pay almost everything in cash. - May 2016

They are becoming more widespread and accepted. - May 2016

Cash society. - Apr 2014

Very few machines, haven't tried using them yet. Virtually 100% cash only society. - Feb 2014

There are no ATM machines in the entire country. I used a credit card once in the last year at a big hotel, nobody else will take it other than online shopping. - Jul 2010

You can't. Full stop. No credit cards or ATMs. No. None. - Apr 2009

Not available in Burma. You cash checks at the Embassy. - Nov 2008

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