Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. Sidewalks are often broken and cracked, with open sewage spilling out from under them. There are no ramps for those with physical disabilities. - May 2019

It would be rough and very limited (and poorly maintained) sidewalks, no ramps, huge puddles. On the other hand, you could have a full-time driver to help out and people would likely do all they can to be of assistance. - Mar 2019

Someone with physical disabilities would be very challenged here. The roads and sidewalks are in horrible condition and I rarely see accommodations for those with disabilities. - Sep 2018

Yes, very much so. The sidewalks can be treacherous even for the able-bodied: uneven, missing in places (sometimes with the hole leading down into the open sewer underneath), prone to ending abruptly. At night, most of the city is poorly lit, and you have to be very careful where you step. Street intersections are not accompanied by pedestrian-specific traffic lights; crosswalks may not be at intersections but rather at random places and unaccompanied by any warnings to oncoming traffic; older buildings (ie, most of them) weren't required to have elevators unless they were taller than 8 stories, etc. I imagine a disabled person might readily find themselves receiving assistance from friendly locals, but I wouldn't want to have to rely on that. - Mar 2017

It would be difficult to get around in Yangon with physical disabilities. It's a very unwalkable city in the first place, let along with disabilities. - Feb 2017

Probably - May 2016

There are very limited facilities to assist those with physical challenges. - May 2016

Yes, there are very few handicapped accessible public places. - May 2016

Yes, but not impossible. A Myanmar friend at our church has a sports style wheelchair. He does very well but has no other option. The U.S. Embassy provides ramps and handicap parking to make it easier for those using wheelchairs. The main grocery store (city mart) has ramps and there would be NO problem going to the cafes and small shops in there. But other restaurants, clubs, cinema or events, may not have the necessities needed. - Apr 2014

Absolutely. Holes in sidewalks, no ramps, few elevators. - Feb 2014

All kinds. At least the taller buildings have elevators, but it's a bad post for that. There is no handicap access to anything; the roads are bad and winding with potholes. They flood when it rains. - Jul 2010

A lot. The roads are bad, there are no sidewalks, there are few buildings with reliable lifts and the electricty goes out a lot. - Apr 2009

Several, this is a third world country. No access ramps, sidewalks have holes, roads have potholes. - Nov 2008

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