Yangon - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

There things to do for singles, couples, and families. - May 2019

It seems okay for singles and couples. As a family we have enjoyed it; there are a lot of other families here, and we swim every day, so it can't be that bad! There is not a ton of cultural life here, nor are there a lot of easy road trips, so singles and couples tend to go to Bangkok quite a lot. - Mar 2019

It seems to be a good post for everyone. There's plenty to do, the cost of living is cheap, there are a ton of local and regional travel opportunities and the place is quite safe. What's not to like? - Sep 2018

This isn't a good city for singles, according to a few single friends. The expat community, as previously mentioned, is small, and there are still some cultural gaps that might make it trickier to date locals. Also, since there aren't a lot of options for things to do, it would probably get lonely some weekends. It's better to be here as a couple or as a family, so you can entertain each other. - Mar 2017

Can be challenging for singles as the community is not that large. For couples and families seems to be a great posting. - Feb 2017

OK - May 2016

As the expats community grows, there are more restaurants, events, activites to go. But still, there hasn't been much going on in terms of night life. It won't be an issue if you like spending time at home. There are not many places kids could go and play either. Many expat families take turns holding a play date for their little ones. - May 2016

Good for all. - May 2016

Great for families - weekend sports & events, holiday events, English movies @ Cinema. Great for singles - bars, churches, hash meets, party every weekend somewhere. Great for couples - Markets, day trips, quality restaurants, cinema, pretty parks. - Apr 2014

Great for everyone. Small expat community but because so few expat hang-out places, it's easy to meet people because everyone goes to same places. - Feb 2014

It's always called a "good family post" but singles seem to be dating expats/locals without problem. - Jul 2010

Good for families with young children, but there's little to do for older and teenage children. It's also a good place for couples, with a fair amount of sporting events for adults, but you have to get out there and become part of the community. If you are happy to make your own entertainment, this is a great place. If you want to go to a different night spot every night, it won't hold your attention for long. - Apr 2009

Yes. - Nov 2008

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