Vientiane - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

We wouldn't recommend local buses as there isn't a reliable and timely public transportation system here. Taxis are plentiful and people use the app Loca to call for taxis. Most Embassy folks have their own cars that they drive. - Mar 2024

Public transport is non-existent. The Uber equivalent, "Loca" is getting more and more traction now, but prepare to rely on a car to get anywhere. If your work allows it, you can also use a motorbike (very popular, but also very risky as there are numerous accidents each day). - Mar 2023

Taxis are safe although there are very few in town. Make sure you save the number of a reliable taxi driver. You shouldn't expect to be able to find a taxi or rickshaw waiting on any corner, like you can in many Asian capital cities. It is very difficult to move around without your own vehicle. - Jun 2020

I have only used taxis, and they are safe and affordable. - Oct 2018

There are buses, but I would not travel on them. I don't know of anyone who actually did. Tuks tuks were everywhere and can be cheap. - Jan 2014

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