Ankara - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

If you’re traveling on your dime, the easiest and most convenient way back to the US is Turkish Airlines, via Istanbul. Unfortunately, FlyAmerica obliges you to do a codeshare with United and then a discount carrier in Germany (SunExpress) which is less than ideal. Turkish Airlines also allows for easy travel to anywhere in the world, though the IST-Ankara connection can get a bit tiring. For domestic travel, Ankara is at the center of Turkey’s fantastic highway network-road trips are easy and extraordinary, either for a weekend or longer. - Nov 2023

DC area. If you want to fly Turkish Airways, there is a non-stop to Istanbul (about 10 hours) and then a 1 hour flight to Ankara. Otherwise, United connects through Frankfurt (8 hours) and then a 3 hour flight to Ankara. Flying through Germany can be a nightmare because of the additional security check, so allow plenty of time between connections. - Jan 2023

Washington, DC. You can fly via Istanbul to Dulles or through Europe (Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels, etc). Istanbul is typically not a code share/Fly America flight, so is rarely used for official travel except with certain Covid exemptions. However, it is great for self-funded trips. - Nov 2021

Washington, DC. Travel is typically 7.5 red eye to Frankfurt, then a 3 hour flight to Ankara. - Sep 2020

From the DC metro area, it is about a 20 hour trip on the USG Fly America routing (United via Munich). Turkish Air has several direct flights to the U.S. from Istanbul, so those on personal travel could probably shorten that timeline, although you'd still have to take the 40-minute flight from Istanbul to Ankara following arrival. - Oct 2018

USA. Door to door to west coast was about 20 hours, and to east coast about 15 hours. - Sep 2018

Washington, DC. The authorized route stops in Munich and takes about 15 hours. - Jul 2018

USA. - Oct 2017

My home city is Houston, TX. Connections can vary depending upon when you want to travel. There is a route from Ankara to Istanbul to Frankfurt to Houston which takes 20+ hours with layovers. There's another that's Ankara to Munich to Houston which is only about 15 or so hours. - Sep 2017

My home base is in Houston, TX. It's a hike to get back but not as bad as some of the places I've been in Africa. There's a connection in Germany that goes to Houston. - Jun 2017

Washington, D.C. -- connect through Munich when flying with government; great connections through Istanbul if flying on own. - Sep 2016

Boston, easy to get to. - Jun 2016

Wisconsin- we generally travel via Chicago (ORD) or Minneapolis (MSP) from Munich, Germany. One connection - either to those major U.S. airports if you can get a direct flight from Ankara to Europe, otherwise it is a terminal change in Istanbul, then direct to one of those two airports. - Aug 2015

USA. Usually fly Ankara - Munich - Dulles. - Jun 2015

Home base is in U.S. Ankara has an early-morning direct flight to Munich, then it's a direct flight from Munich to Washington DC. Some people prefer routes through Istanbul and then direct to U.S. - Apr 2015

The Southwest of the U.S. Flights usually head through Houston, then onto Munich, then to Ankara. The hours add up quickly with making a minimum of two connections and you are easily traveling for over 24 hours. - Feb 2015

U.S. East Coast -- 2-hour direct flight to Munich or Frankfurt, direct flight to NYC or Washington DC . - Jun 2014

Virginia - 20-30 hours. - Apr 2014

Washington DC, 17 hours via United through Germany; a bit less through Istanbul on Turkish Air. - Mar 2014

West Coast U.S. Around 35 hours to get here. - Mar 2014

D.C. - due ro limited flight schedules and the requirement to adhere to 'FlyAmerican' it can take anywhere from 20 to 28 hours to get to Ankara. You connect through either Frankfurt or Munich, but direct flights from Germany to Ankara are limited and more expensive, so often you also have to transit Istanbul adding time and yet another connection to your trip. - Jul 2013

The trip takes 13-14 hours from Washington, DC, via Munich. - Aug 2011

Washington DC. About 12 hours with a stop at Munich. - Jul 2010

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