Ankara - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes, usually set up before you arrive. Not quite US speeds but close. The phone network is also very fast - Turks love their smartphones and the country’s IT infrastructure is working to keep pace. - Nov 2023

Yes. Ours was installed with help from our social sponsor before we arrived. - Jan 2023

Yes, it is available and reasonably priced. Those with the Embassy can request that it be installed prior to arrival and it works when you get here. - Nov 2021

The Embassy will have your internet ready to go on arrival and is wireless, through the phone lines. Speeds are fast enough for streaming and internet browsing, but the signal will periodically cut out. Would definitely recommend investing in a VPN service. - Sep 2020

For USG personnel, you can work with management staff to have internet installed prior to arrival. These details are in the welcome material you receive from post prior to arrival. Internet was generally good, and we streamed via Apple TV. Cost for a mid-range package was perhaps $30 a month. Cable tv was also pretty good, with the family package providing several English language channels (sports, news, entertainment) for about $20 a month. You got bills electronically, and it is important you retain your original installation paperwork to establish an auto payment arrangement from your Turkish bank account to pay your monthly bills. There is a branch of Garanti Bank at the embassy through which we established our EFTs. - Oct 2018

Internet is cheap and fast, and installed quickly. - Oct 2018

Yes, and we have had no issues with internet. We are able to stream everything we want. - Sep 2018

We have DSL in our apartment and it was installed prior to our arrival. It is fast enough to to stream and it costs us the equivalent of $70 per month for the best package. - Jul 2018

Yes, and we've never had issues, even during the coup. - Oct 2017

Yes, post will ask you what you are interested in and usually have it installed prior to your arrival. - Sep 2017

Internet is very good and inexpensive. The embassy will arrange installation for you before you arrive at post. You can arrange to have the speed increased once you arrive. I've found the service to be better than I had available in the US. - Jun 2017

Yes. GSO can help set it up before you arrive. But even "unlimited" data isn't really. It can slow quite a bit during peak times. - Sep 2016

Reasonable priced and reliable most of the time. - Jun 2016

Easily available and cheap internet. We streamed five devices at once and no one hiccuped. It gets slow in the evenings as people get home. I strongly recommend a VPN, we use the Buffalo Cloakbox from Witopia. - Aug 2015

Yes. - Apr 2015

Yes, moderate cost. We are very happy with our service. - Feb 2015

Yes. - Jun 2014

Yes, around US$40. - Apr 2014

Yes, reasonable. - Mar 2014

Yes and cheap. - Mar 2014

High -ish speed is available, but we have monthly outages. - Jul 2013

It's an ok speed; cost is around $40/month. - Aug 2011

Yes. About $30 to $40 a month. - Jul 2010

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