Ankara - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Not as open as Istanbul. The government isn’t big on LGBT - it still has a decent sized population in Ankara, but it’s very quiet - Nov 2023

Same sex relationships are not recognized and you can do a quick Google search to see the current (posturing on the subject. I know many LGBT expatriates who have not been hassled and are enjoying their time here. - Jan 2023

I don't have a lot of knowledge on this. I don't see obvious same sex couples out and about and Turkey is fairly conservative socially. - Nov 2021

I don’t have first hand experience, but I could see this being a difficult city for LGBT expats given the current political climate. - Sep 2020

Ankara is a cosmopolitan city relative to more traditional areas in Turkey's south or southeast. While there were same-sex couples within the international community that I knew, caution is merited; there were reported instances of violence against LGBT Turks, even in Istanbul. - Oct 2018

I would not be openly gay here. Homophobia seems to be rising. - Oct 2018

Not too bad for LGBT. Cant be totally open, but pretty big community here. - Sep 2018

No. - Jul 2018

While Turkey isn't nearly as closed down about LGBT issues as Arabic countries, it's still not as open as the US. There are a number of LGBT expats and locals in the area though. I don't have any direct experience. - Sep 2017

There are a few at post and I have not heard any complaints. Ankara is a mixed cosmopolitan and traditional culture. - Jun 2017

Unknown. I would be surprised given the climate for homosexuals outside of Istanbul in Turkey. - Aug 2015

Mildly. Turkey is still behind the times on LGBT rights. - Jun 2015

I would think that there are better posts out there. Turkey is becoming more conservative and Ankara is no exception. - Feb 2015

There is a gay scene and though I don't have personal experience with it, my friends involved with it seem happy enough. - Jun 2014

Not aware. - Apr 2014

Not if you want to be open and out with the locals, but there is no outward animosity towards same-sex couples. - Mar 2014

No. - Mar 2014

I haven't heard anything either good or bad in this regard. - Jul 2013

We met a few gay couples here, and they seem to enjoy Turkey. - Jul 2010

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