Ankara - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Nothing, but we ended up shipping a lot of stuff from Turkey to our next post! - Nov 2023

Between the commissary and Amazon, I cannot think of anything. - Jan 2023

Those with DPO mail cannot ship liquids (I think this is also APO rule). So anything liquid-wise that you really prefer. For me, that mostly means coconut aminos, massive tub of minced garlic, Crayola tempera kid paint (finger paint and acrylic is easy to find, but the washable kid tempera is harder), and spray sunblock (liquid is more common here). - Nov 2021

For US Embassy employees, Amazon delivers within two weeks, sometimes faster. Specially liquids and creams (shampoos, lotions, etc) over 16oz are not allowed in shipments and should be packed out from the US with your household goods. Between Amazon, the commissary and the local market, there is very little we are missing. For us it’s only Pimm's, mint extract, bitters, and Pad Thai noodles. - Sep 2020

The commissary was generally well-stocked with all that we needed, with variety across the board. The loss of the ability to ship liquids through the DPO during our time there might promote one to plan ahead more carefully in a pack-out if you are particularly keen about a novelty product. The several Turkish grocery chains (e.g. Kipa, Migros) are well-stocked with the usual American junk food favorites; you may need to alter brand allegiance to something locally or European produced for cleaning supplies and things like spaghetti sauce. - Oct 2018

Cosmetics, beauty products. There is a limited range in Turkey, and very expensive. - Oct 2018

We have everything we need. - Sep 2018

Unfortunately, there is a restriction on items shipped through the DPO which is Turkey-specific. You can't ship make-up, protein powder, laundry detergent pods, any liquids, and even peanut butter. I relied on the DPO for my brand-specific items and was forced to switch to whatever was available at the BX or Commissary. I would have shipped all of my Seventh Generation, Tom's of Maine, Mrs. Meyers, Honest, and Shea moisture products. - Jul 2018

Nothing really; we have a commissary here, most everything you want is available in stores anyways, and Amazon through the DPO is only two weeks away. - Oct 2017

Nothing. You can get anything that you're looking for here. It did take me a while to figure out that cilantro is the leaf of coriander. Both are called Kisnis here. - Jun 2017

I used to send myself green curry through Amazon. But even that I've now found locally. - Sep 2016

Nothing, everything is available here. Maybe a portable AC might have come in handy! - Jun 2016

Bicycles - Aug 2015

Nothing really. Mostly everything can be found or done without. We downsized quite a bit before coming, and then even more so when we got here. Some apartments are quite small and there are no closets - so less is actually better for us. - Feb 2015

Nothing really, everything is available. - Jun 2014

None. - Apr 2014

Absolutely nothing. Everything is available here. - Mar 2014

None. - Mar 2014

Everything is available here or can be ordered by mail or through the BX or commissary. - Jul 2013

If you have access to the commissary, you can pretty much get anything you need here. - Aug 2011

None. The BX and commissary can supply it all. And if they do not have what you're looking for, they can order it from Germany. - Jul 2010

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