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Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Yes - Nov 2023

There are some local things like soccer and gymnastics for younger kids. - Jan 2023

Soccer is very popular. Also gymnastics. There is also ice skating and options for basketball and volleyball. Schools do soccer at the HS level. Covid has cut out a lot of other HS sport options due to close contact. Piano and swim lessons are possible, too. - Nov 2021

There are several kids sporting events and summer camps available. - Sep 2020

There are many opportunities, although you may need to seek advice from locals on more exotic interests. Activities located on the Balgat AFB on weekends were the staples, including seasonal sports (soccer, basketball) and scouts. We had a piano teacher come to the house, enrolled in gymnastics at a gym across the street from our residence, and took riding lessons at the stable located at the German Embassy. Most major malls have cinemas and expansive video game arcades. - Oct 2018

They have them, but the ones in English are mainly through the schools. Not nearly as many sports/clubs for younger kids. - Sep 2018

There is very little for school age kids to do during the summer here in Turkey. It appears all other diplomats from other missions leave for the summer. - Jul 2018

There is a soccer league every year. I believe there are other activities as well but once again I don't have any direct experience. - Sep 2017

Many. You can pretty much do anything you'd do in the states here. You just have to seek it out. - Sep 2016

The Ankara Youth Sport group offers soccer twice a year and basketball in the cold months and acres of expat children participate in this. Scouts and schools make up for the other programs. My daughter went to a Turkish horse riding club, but it took considerable searching and negotiation to figure this out. - Aug 2015

Limited. Soccer, softball, some sports at Oasis and DoDDS. - Jun 2015

There is AYSL (Ankara Youth Soccer League) that also runs basketball. Some schools have sport teams but we haven't found sports to be a big or strong part of this post. - Feb 2015

Yes, both on the economy and at the base. My children were able to do swim classes, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, tennis. - Apr 2014

Yes, if you are willing to expose them to Turkish speaking teachers. There is ice skating, gymnastics, ballet, archery, fencing, horseback riding plus more if you ask people. - Mar 2014

Very few and mostly on base. - Mar 2014

Fall and spring soccer and winter basketball is available on base. Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts are also offered on base. Dance classes and martial arts are available on the local economy and can be found in English. - Jul 2013

Yes, through the school, as well as Saturday spring/fall soccer and winter basketball programs for kids at the base. - Aug 2011

YES. - Jul 2010

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