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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Lots of gyms available, including in both of the apartment complexes where people live - and they have pools. The embassy has a gym and pool as well. - Nov 2023

At Park Oran, there is a nice (and free) gym with an indoor swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts. There is also a private gym with an outdoor swimming pool, but I do not know the fee. - Jan 2023

Lots of gyms. Many housing places have them (Park Oran and Park Vadi included), and there are also gyms inside malls and elsewhere. Price is very reasonable. Personal training is also available and is very reasonable (and cheap compared to US!). I paid about $15/hour for personal training. - Nov 2021

There are many nice gyms around Ankara and close to housing. Full gyms, CrossFit, boxing, yoga, Pilates are all available. Prices are are roughly half the cost of similar services in America, however many of the gym owners and instructors do not speak English. - Sep 2020

We had access to a gym and pool gratis through our residence. If you are a swimmer, you must use a swim cap. There are other gyms around, but I can't speak to pricing. The embassy had a small weight room, mostly used by our U.S. and local guard force. It is unclear to me whether the new embassy facility will have dedicated gym space for staff or not. - Oct 2018

Modern gyms exist, but I am not sure of pricing. You can run in summer, but in winter the stray dogs may chase you. I have heard some have rabies. - Oct 2018

Most the apartment complexes have larger gyms. There is also a small one at the embassy. - Sep 2018

The gym at the embassy is functional, but incredibly small. There are gyms available near all the housing locations, but gym etiquette is not something that is followed in this country. The are not accustomed to personnel that actually lift their body weight. There are never enough plates and the bars cannot handle even minimal weight. They are not regulation bars. - Jul 2018

There's a gym at Oran with a pool as well. - Oct 2017

There are a lot of very nice gyms in the area. They are considered a luxury and are priced accordingly. They also do not have any listed rates and negotiate prices like a used car dealership charging what they think they can get you to pay. Negotiate and never sign the first day. - Sep 2017

There are a lot of gyms and sports facilities, however, they come at a premium. Gyms are still considered a luxury here. You will typically pay around $50 a month per person. The facilities are good and you do get what you are paying for. A lot of folks use the Joya gym next to Vadi. It is good, however the pool is only 16.5 meters. If you are a swimmer there are other better options. - Jun 2017

There are many. A few of the buildings also have facilities like pools and small gyms. - Sep 2016

All the housing complexes have paid gyms in the vicinity. - Jun 2016

Gyms are available all over, cost is high, but facilities can be quite high end - Aug 2015

Yes. Unsure of costs. - Jun 2015

Yes, they are available. Many gyms here have full service spas, saunas, and swimming pools, so I find I get more for my money here than at gyms at home. But they're not cheap here. - Apr 2015

Yes. Our apartments come with gym and pool membership included. This is not always the case. We have heard of reasonable costs to quite high. The good news is that you can look around and find something that works for you. - Feb 2015

Gyms tend to be very nice here (swimming pools, full-service spas, tennis courts, basketball courts, saunas) but you pay a bit more than at home. There are municipal facilities available that aren't bad with tennis courts and soccer fields, etc. Few apartments have gyms. - Jun 2014

Yes, we use Joya. - Apr 2014

Tons of options plus many local classes for yoga, pilates, Zumba, Salsa. - Mar 2014

Yes but very expensive. Make sure to negotiate. - Mar 2014

Yes, at the Embassy and in several local malls. - Jul 2013

Yes -- Ankara has some world-class gyms. There are also free facilities at the base if you are in the military/embassy community. - Aug 2011

There are quite a few available, but they can be pricey. The embassy has a small gym, and the base has a good-size gym with basketball and racquetball courts. - Jul 2010

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