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What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

At DOD, there is a speech pathologist. However, I know people who have been denied admission to DOD which children who have special needs. - Jan 2023

None of them handle major special needs that I'm aware of. I know DoDEA does a small amount, but not sure of others. - Nov 2021

I wasn't familiar with children with special needs. Best to inquire at each school. - Oct 2018

BESA is the only school that does a good job withe behavior management. There are not a lot of resources for special needs. - Sep 2018

In reality, all the schools are accommodating. The issue is just being able to get here and making it through the catch-22 process of medical clearances. MED wants to see a pre-enrollment letter and none of the schools will provide that if your child has special needs. We had to sign a document that we would pay for any services required if the embassy did not provide the funding. - Jul 2018

I do know that some special needs kids are/were at BESA and they seem to do a good job. But I don't know specifics. - Sep 2016

Oasis can make accommodations for children with an IEP. BESA had two children with Downs and they each had a designated adult teaching assistant, but I am not sure if this was via IEP or a special accommodation. DoDDs specifically prohibited a child with an IEP stating that they were not equipped to deal with children with IEP, but this should be verified. I have no idea about BLIS - Aug 2015

Very little. Possible for very mild disabilities. We had our teenager in boarding school in the U.S. since post could not meet his needs. Mental health services are scant. - Jun 2015

You should carefully research this topic, as people have come here with special-needs children and been unable to find appropriate schools. - Apr 2015

This is tricky. Oasis was known for being most accommodating, but I believe current staffing issues have affected this. The DoDDs school is dealing with big budget losses, and will only have special needs accommodations if a military family is assigned to this post and requires assistance. But that is catch 22, because they won't be assigned where there is no assistance. BESA seems to work really well where each child is at, but only goes to 7th grade equivalent. BLISS has some assistance in its program, but the one family I knew going there was not happy with their behavior modification contracts that were used to help direct the child. - Feb 2015

I've heard it's almost impossible to find schools for special-needs kiddos. - Jun 2014

None. - Apr 2014

None, do not let anyone know you have special needs until you are already enrolled. - Mar 2014

Oasis accommodates mild special needs. - Mar 2014

Their only option is to go to Oasis, which is actually considered a very good school. They just need to improve their security. - Jul 2013

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