Ankara - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Some minor issues but nothing major. Since it’s all apartments, you see less of this than you would in another housing context - Nov 2023

None. Ankara sits at a high elevation, so not many bugs. The worst thing are the pigeons who sit on the balcony railings and poop allow over the place. Seriously consider bringing some bird repellent fencing or owl decoys in your HHE. - Jan 2023

Ankara doesn't have too much of an insect or infestation problem. We almost never have bugs in our apartment (15th floor). - Nov 2021

Ankara is actually at 3,000 feet altitude, and as such it is actually rare to see insects. Though many people with balconies have pigeon problems. Stray cats and dogs can be found all over Turkey, and are usually tagged and monitored by local authorities. These animals are typically friendly and docile, but runners have reported some issues with packs of dogs. A full course of rabies vaccine is recommended prior to arrival. - Sep 2020

We had none in the apartment, although we had a hard time keeping pigeons from nesting on our small balcony. - Oct 2018

Great post for insects. You deal with very little here. It helps you are in high-rise apartments, but even outside there are not a lot. - Sep 2018

Yes, the pigeons are a nuisance on your balconies. Come prepared to set up spikes to keep them from perching on your balcony. There are biting flies and mosquitos as well. - Jul 2018

Birds. Figure out some way to keep them off your balcony. Otherwise they will poop all over it and it will not be usable. No insect problems to speak of. - Sep 2017

Pigeons on the balcony is the only issue that I've heard of anyone having. - Jun 2017

I think I saw a total of 12 bugs and spiders. In three years. - Aug 2015

Not a lot of insect problems. Mosquitoes are mild. Some bugs get indoors occasionally, but not often. - Jun 2015

I haven't noticed any particular insect problems. - Apr 2015

Almost none. After Africa, this feels almost sterile. There are a lot of bees (honey is a huge product here) and flea and tick issues abound in wooded areas and over watered landscaping. - Feb 2015

None that I've encountered. - Jun 2014

No issues. - Apr 2014

None at all that I have encountered. A wonderful change from disease carrying mosquitos. - Mar 2014

Ants, flies, but not a huge issue. - Mar 2014

Insects are virtually non-existant. Not sure if it is due to the dry cilmate (no standing water for mosquitos to breed) or what. - Jul 2013

No. - Aug 2011

NONE. - Jul 2010

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