Ankara - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Excellent medical care. There’s a reason Europeans and Gulf Arabs come here for medical treatment. - Nov 2023

No particular health concerns that I am aware of. There are two main hospitals where expats go and they are both excellent. From what I have seen-mostly illness that are frequently changing and are long term (like cancer) need to medivac. - Jan 2023

Medical care is good. People come here for medical tourism! There are two main private hospitals Embassy families use and we have received care at both, both in the ER and as scheduled appointments. Lasik is popular as it is very cheap compared to the US. There is also good dental and eye care and people do braces as well. Everything is much cheaper. Many people end up dropping dental insurance. My daughter had x-rays, fluoride and an exam/cleaning and it was about $80. People do give birth here as well, though some chose to medevac for that. I would say most medical conditions could be handled here. You can typically find providers who speak English as well. The private hospitals have foreign patient coordinators who will make appointments for you, translate, and help as needed. They are great! There is also a local speech therapist and I know kids who have done OT/PT locally. And a great local pediatrician who worked in the US for a while. - Nov 2021

Turkey is a medial tourism destination for much of Europe, as care is high quality and affordable. There are several very nice private hospitals in Turkey that have English speaking doctors, many of whom trained in the West. Many women choose to give birth here, but high risk pregnancies and some specialized tests are able to medevac to the US. - Sep 2020

Since Ankara sits at the bottom of a valley, smog tends to hover over the city until washed away by rain. We found medical care top notch, and many children were born in Ankara to embassy families. Dental and orthopedic work was also prevalent within the community. The Embassy works principally with two hospitals with Western or U.S. trained doctors. Our eye doctor at the Acibadem hospital, for example, earned his medical degree from Michigan State University. Acibadem is near the Park Oran apartment complex and accepts the FSBP health insurance as an in-network provider, meaning almost no paperwork for us. - Oct 2018

Medical care looks like western standard, but it does not seem that way to me. I would personally not have any medical procedure done in Turkey. Most people disagree, and are happy to have things done here, because it is cheaper than at home. - Oct 2018

Not really. Medical care here is good. Numerous women have delivered here, people have gotten knees replaced, and going through the ER is bliss compared to the USA. Many folks get dental work done here because it is quality work and cheaper. - Sep 2018

The medical care on the regular economy is quite good but I do not feel adequately supported by the post health unit. - Jul 2018

Oran is right next to a nice modern hospital called Acibadem. The embassy has a doctor, and you're a quick flight away from Germany if needed. - Oct 2017

None, the medical care here is top notch and reasonably priced. A number of people have had major surgeries here and one person gave birth in the middle of the coup attempt last year. All without any issues. - Sep 2017

Very good medical care. One of the mission employees gave birth here (in the middle of the coup attempt) and didn't have any issues. There are also a large number of mission employees that end up having surgery here for one reason or another. - Jun 2017

Medical care is great. Many women here give birth and it is a medical tourism destination. (Think botox!) - Sep 2016

Good medical facilities. - Jun 2016

Rabies shots are recommend due to wild dogs, which are large. Tetanus has to be a risk and of course travelers diarrhea. Double-hernia surgery at a private hospital has ruined us for all other medical care as it was like going to a posh resort! Dental crown was 3D printed on premises and got high marks from my home dentist. - Aug 2015

There is good medical care in good hospitals with English-speaking staff and doctors. - Apr 2015

The air quality can be an issue, especially in the winter. There are many private hospitals that offer good medical care. Medications are bought directly at the pharmacy, they usually only speak Turkish, but showing a box or having written down what you need will help. - Feb 2015

Great. I know a decent number of foreign women who have their babies in Turkey. I know a good number of foreigners who spend their last few months here running around for full medical check-ups, seeing the dentist, and seeing dermatologists before returning to the U.S. where these things cost more. People say great things about medical care and costs of medical care here. - Jun 2014

None, great hospitals. - Apr 2014

Like in the U.S., there are good doctors and great dentists but you have to find them. Go with a good recommendations from the Embassy and employees. Most expat women have their children here. - Mar 2014

Good healthcare but very expensive. - Mar 2014

Medical care is excellent, but not cheap. - Jul 2013

Great medical care in general. - Aug 2011

Hospitals are good, and the dental care is great. There is also a doctor at the embassy. - Jul 2010

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