Ankara - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Embassy is usually suits. Government meetings as well - Turkey has a very affordable and developed textile industry, and this translates into a lot of people expecting formal dress in work environments, weddings etc - at least in big cities. - Nov 2023

Work is business casual. Even though there are many Muslim people in Turkey, you will see the full gambit of dress attire here. - Jan 2023

You'll see the whole range of clothing, particularly for women. Everything from mini skirts and sleeveless to full coverage. Beaches are the same: thong bikinis all the way to full body suits. - Nov 2021

Ankara is an expat city and I’ve never had issues with exposed shoulders or knees as a woman, and most residents dress in western fashion. It is unusual to see Turkish men in shorts, but no issues for western men. Business to business casual is common at the embassy. - Sep 2020

At the Embassy, it was business casual to business, depending on the weather and the meeting you were heading to. Formal dress was rarely required, unless perhaps at a wedding or Marine Ball. - Oct 2018

Normal business attire, and formal dress for balls. - Oct 2018

Typical US business attire. - Sep 2018

Business casual except on country team days. - Jul 2018

Normal dress at the embassy; a little more casual in summer. - Oct 2017

Depending on your job the dress code is either a suit and tie or business casual. - Sep 2017

Business to dress casual depending on your section. Formal wear for sporadic events throughout the year. - Jun 2017

Formal for balls; work dress like the U.S. - Sep 2016

Slightly more covered than usual, sort of 1950 Americana with Islamic touch - Aug 2015

Business at work. Turkish women can be very glamorous and hip. Casual is also quite common. - Apr 2015

Suit and tie for work, stylish but casual for public (good shoes for walking on slippery and uneven surfaces). - Feb 2015

Business formal. Turks can be very smart dressers. But depending on the area of Ankara where you are visiting, there might be more conservative Turkish women who wear scarves, etc. - Jun 2014

Feels smart casual in the Embassy. - Apr 2014

Turkish women are quite stylish. Always over dress if you are not sure. Dressing nice is a sign of respect. - Mar 2014

Smart casual. - Mar 2014

Business and business casual. - Jul 2013

Professional. Casual is more dressed-up than in the States. - Aug 2011

Business casual to business. - Jul 2010

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